Over The Rainbow: Sophie Evans – If I Were A Boy & Jenny Douglas – So What (VIDEO)

On tonight’s Over The Rainbow Sophie Evans made a risky song choice and sang Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy. It’s a HUGE song and we were worried at the start but she actually pulled it off. It wasn’t note perfect but her voice is just beautiful and she brought plenty of emotion to the piece. We like!

Jenny Douglas was the last Dorothy to sing (check out the video below) and she chose Pink’s So What? She gave it plenty of attitude and a really lively performance, but she doesn’t look remotely as crazed as Pink did in the video for this song. We actually had a minor debate her on the Unreality sofa about whether it should be sung in a half-crazed, bitter style or if she should be happy to be moving on? What has Sheila Hancock done to us?

Judges Comments:

Charlotte: I thought that was brilliant Sophie. It’s a really really massive song, so some of the notes you did struggle on. Overall, I thought it was good, you’ve got a really beautiful tone of voice. Jenny, that was just brilliant, I loved it.

Sheila: Two cracking performances. Jenny is so witty, physically and every other way. She absolutely lives it right from the fingertips. I thought you were wonderful Sophie. We know you can do radiance, because you just are (radiant), and we know you can do happy, but I didn’t know if you could do serious. I thought you did it beautifully darling.

John: Jenny, once again, you’re the only girl who played a part throughout that whole performance. You knocked it out of the park again.

Lisa McGarry

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