Over The Rainbow: Sophie Evans & Jessica Robinson perform (VIDEO)

Sophie Evans sings ‘Love Song’

Sophie had a great week last week but unfortunately I think she’s lost some of her edge tonight. This song is way out of her vocal range and as it progressed it turned into a bit of a car crash performance. Sophie in the bottom two tomorrow night? Quite possibly I would think!

Jessica Robinson sings ‘There You’ll Be’

I can see why the judges were so blown away by Jessica’s rendition of Rehab a few weeks ago. She has that edgy sort of look that makes her more suited to sassy rock tunes and even though she has a good singing voice, these slow ballads just don’t work for her at all….somehow she made tonight’s song sound very very bland and the big note she hit was the only good moment in it.

Judges Comments:

John Partridge: Sophie up till now its been 2 steps forwards and 3 steps back. If you want those ruby slippers you’ll have to work twice as hard as the other girls. Jessica for me that was your most truthful and honest performance to date.

Charlotte Church: Sophie its a really hard song to sing but I think you struggled with it a bit. You were pitchy in places and you’re gonna have to work a bit harder. Jess from the last chorus out it was magic before then you pushed it a bit.

Sheila Hancock: I totally disagree with John I thought Sophie was terrific this week. You kept it light and you went with the rhythm of the song. Jess you pushed it too hard at the beginning.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Jessica there are times in your performances when I think I’m seeing a world class star, i think you are really extraordinary. There are flashes of something exceptional. Sophie why I am so confused is that you are also a very talented girl and one of things I want the viewers at home to remember is to listen to you talking. This is an acting job as well, its not just about the singing.

Lisa McGarry

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