Over The Rainbow: Stephanie Davis & Lauren Samuels perform (VIDEO)

Stephanie Davis sings ‘Nobody Does It Better’

I just can’t believe that Stephanie is only 17 years old. Singing this tune tonight she sounded like she’d really experienced all the highs and lows of love and life….Her vocals were spot on too, I honestly don’t think she could have done a better job with this song.

Lauren Samuels sings ‘Nobody Knows’

I love Pink’s version of ‘Nobody Knows’ so Lauren has big shes to fill tonight. Amazingly she does a fabulous job with the song, both with portraying the emotional angst of the lyrics and also with making sure her vocals had the right amount of variation……big notes and quiet notes….upset and angry…she did it all!

Judges Comments:

Charlotte Church: Stephanie I could literally listen to you sing the phone book but I could have had more exasperation on the Nobody. Lauren in our masterclass I wanted you to not be so slick and to really let your guard down. You did just that. It was broken, vulnerable and beautiful well done.

Sheila Hancock: Steph I think it was about obsessive love and I don’t think you went far enough. Lauren your ending was amazing and overall it was a huge step forward.

John Partridge: Stephanie I love you when you have loads of dancers around you and I think you need to bring it into this sort of song. Lauren I didn’t want that performance to stop.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Both of you girls I’d be really happy to see as Dorothy.

Lisa McGarry

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