Over The Rainbow: Watch Stephanie Davies sing Mama Do & Lauren Samuels do Run (VIDEO)

Stephanie Davies opened tonight’s Over The Rainbow with a sassy version of Pixie Lott’s Mama Do. We loved her fiesty vocals and the yellow dress looked great. One of the strongest of the night for us.

In the video below you will see that Stephanie was followed by Lauren Samuels, who sang Leona Lewis’ version of Run (Yes we know it was originally by Snow Patrol). We certainly got a good look at her tonsils during this belter of a performance and though it lacked some of Leona’s finesse, we thought that she managed to inject a lot of emotion into it.

Judges Comments:

John Partridge: Both of these performances were leading lady performances. Stephanie – little miss Mama Do. I definitely do! And after that performance all the studio audience and everyone at home do as well. You’re a natural born entertainer. I loved it. Lauren – you took on a diva song and it required a diva to sing it. And you sang it. That was absolutely fantastic.

Charlotte Church: Definitely. You’ve both got the voice to carry off a West End show and be Dorothy without a shadow of a doubt. Stephanie – you were so self-confident and you have every right to be, Lauren – you completely made that song your own. I’m in awe of your voice.

Shiela Hancock: I’m gonna bang on about interpretation though. We’re not looking for a pop singer. We’re looking for somebody who can act a song. Lauren, you had a really good crack at it. Didn’t quite come through to the eyes yet.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: I don’t want to get too deep into comments at the moment. I think both of you were terrific, and I hope I’ll see you next week.

Lisa McGarry

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