Parents protest over ‘sexual innuendo’ in One Direction song!

by Lisa McGarry
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Parents in Michigan have mounted a campaign in protest of the use of a One Direction song at a high school event this week.

A showcase has been planned for students on Saturday night and organisers had picked ‘Live While We’re Young’ as a backing track for the show.

However concerned parents have insisted that the tune violates the school’s stated policy on sexual innuendos and is highly inappropriate for use in an educational establishment.

A group submitted their letter to the school board and an excerpt read:

“These lyrics promote sexual activity among teens… by implying a casual one-night hook-up and by hinting at the serious issue of sexting.”

The parents go on to brand the lyrics as ‘vulgar’ and containing ‘sexual innuendo’ and claim the songs’ inclusion by the school’s musical director violates the board’s Code of Conduct.

Live While We’re Young lyrics include:

blue tricked

“Tonight, let’s get some….and live while we’re young.”

Other lines go:

“Don’t let the pictures leave your phone” and “I know we’ve only met, but lets pretend it’s love.”

We wonder what the teenagers think of it all?

Of course, it’s not the first time One Direction have been the focus of a parental backlash.

Just last year mums and dads in Limerick were up in arms when a planned concert featuring Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik clashed with the date of some children’s First Holy Communion.

one direction

A number of families had shelled out hundreds of pounds for tickets to the concert in Dublin’s Croke Park last May and wanted the Communion, which was later scheduled for the same day, to be moved.

It’s claimed that a meeting about the scheduling conflict got rather heated, as parents fought over whether to change the day of the event, or stick to the original plan.

It seems the boys cause trouble wherever they go!

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