Peter Andre & Emily MacDonagh reveal new baby name!

peter andre

peter andre

Peter Andre has been keeping his fans guessing for a while but he’s finally revealed the tot’s new name….sort of.

The new dad was elated when his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl earlier this month but so far the pair have refused to confirm the infant’s title and moniker.

In his column for new! magazine this week Peter revealed that while they haven’t yet chosen his second daughter’s name, they do have a nickname for the little beauty.

He wrote:

“Last week I revealed one of my resolutions was to find a nickname for our baby girl. We’re getting there but for now, it’ll stay “Bista’s sister”.”

Andre returned to work this week and he’s been busy shooting his brand new music video.

It’s an exciting time for the star, who is finally getting another break in his pop career and he revealed:


“I shot the video for my new track Kid, which features on the upcoming DreamWorks film Mr. Peabody & Sherman at Waterloo studios
in London last week.”

Peter added:

“The director Phil Griffin has worked with artists from Amy Winehouse to Jon Bon Jovi and Britney Spears, so it was really exciting.”

“It was my first day back at work since the baby was born. Originally, my plan was to work all of January and have February off, but now the baby’s here I want to space out my days off so I’ve got more time at home.”

peter andre emily macdonagh 2

However all that working and parenting is taking it’s toll and Peter didn’t look so fresh when he met with photographers outside his home a few days ago.

He joked:

“You may have seen some pap shots of me last week looking really rough in my tracksuit. As you might expect, I’m not getting much sleep at the moment, but oddly, I’m not knackered. I’m just so excited. At the moment, I’m averaging six hours of broken sleep a night. And for me, that’s not a lot.”

Read Peter’s full column in new! magazine. Out now.

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