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ITV2 has exclusive behind-the-scenes access into the life of one of TVs most talked about stars in Peter Andre – Going It Alone.

Moving house can be stressful and for Peter this is a particularly difficult time. The documentary begins as the star moves into his new home. It’s a tough time for the singer, but he is cheered up by the arrival of his kids who have come to stay with him from a few days.

Thrilled at receiving an invitation from the Indian Film Academy, Peter is seen gearing up for his first life performance and Bollywood ‘Oscars’ in Macau. With the emotions of the last few weeks still high, Peter is overwhelmed by the great reception he receives on his arrival but is still finding it hard to enjoy himself. The next day, its business as usual as Peter attends a host of press calls and interviews but his mind is now on the performance the following evening which will be televised to 600 million people! Eager to begin his rehearsals, the whole day is spent making sure that everything is perfect for live performance the following evening. When the night finally arrives, the nerves are starting to get to the popstar, but the performance goes well and everyone is pleased with how well it all went.

The next evening Peter presents an award at the Film ceremony. It’s been a tough trip for him but Peter seems positive about the experience. Back in the UK, the star meets up with his brother Mike who has been working hard to get Peter’s home ready for him. As he enters his new home he can’t believe everything Mike has done – it now feels like home!

It soon back to work on his brand new album and Peter is choosing tracks along with his management and kicks off the promotion of his new material with an interview with Chris Moyles on Radio One. It’s an emotional interview for Peter who is very nervous as it’s the first time he has talked about the split. But Chris Moyles is very supportive much to the relief of Peter and his management. With Princess Tiaamii’s birthday’s coming up Peter decides to arrange a party. Surprising the kids with a clown and bouncy castle, all goes well until Peter tries to charge up the BBQ to no avail!

It’s the day of the video shoot for his brand new single, “Behind closed doors”. It’s a long day for all involved but Peter is excited to be filming this promo. Peter expresses his reservations about the style of the video but is happy with how things went and is looking forward to seeing the finished product. All is going well for Peter, but the boat is rocked by Kate’s appearance on Piers Morgan. The following day, Peter reveals what he thought about the interview, and is comforted by the visit of his mum and sister from Australia.

Then final scene sees Peter performing at T4 on the beach. But not all goes to plan for Peter during his live gig and he is very disappointed afterwards. The next day, Peter meets with manager Neville who wants an explanation for what happened on stage. Peter admits he made a mistake but also acknowledges that it’s typically him, and Neville tells him he must focus and not bring his baggage onto stage.

Monday, 17 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:30PM

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