Peter Andre pines for Katie Price’s son Harvey

Peter Andre is reportedly pining for his stepson Harvey and is heartbroken that he is rarely allowed to see the seven year old boy.

The Daily Star reports that Pete became tearful whilst showing clips of his other two children, Princess Tiaamii and Junior, at a concert last week. He reportedly told the crowd:

Peter said: “I can’t show you one of the children for reasons I can’t talk about.

“But he is with me 100% of the time in my heart every day.”

He also told the audience: “These last eight months have been ­incredibly emotional.

“You can’t focus on the bad. It is the good that is going to get you through every day.” He added: “I am also very humbled by the support of the public. You guys have helped me through.

“I know I am only human. I can make silly mistakes.”

The ‘Behind Closed Doors’ singer is also said to be feeling emotional as the anniversary of his former wife Katie’s miscarriage draws near.

A friend told the newspaper: “It still plays on Pete’s mind in the sense of, ‘What if…?’

“He will always think about what it would have been like if there had been another little one running around. Pete wants a big, big family like his dad, who had several children. The only problem now is that he is petrified of starting a new relationship with someone as he simply does not know who he can trust enough.

“Pete has gone through so much in the last year.

“It’s no wonder he gets emotional at times.

“As the anniversary approaches, he’s feeling the strain and you could see that on stage on Friday night.

“He has gone through so much it is no surprise he looks back and gets upset.”

Lisa McGarry

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