Peter Andre says he and Katie Price will make friends

by Lisa McGarry


Peter Andre granted a one-on-one interview to Live From Studio Five’s, Kate Walsh, to talk about his new album and TV show, his divorce and his children. In it he revealed hat he and Katie Price will probably behave more amicably eventually and also if he does ever find love again, he won’t be exploring it on his reality TV show.

Read the interview below:

Do you think you will ever make friends in the future?

I have said before that I reckon for the sake of your kids you will do a lot, you will compromise and do things and I think yes there will be a point, just when things are a bit raw, in the big picture it’s only been 4 months.

Do you think you will hold out the olive branch?

I’ve thought about it for the kids, but I’ve not thought about how or when I just know that time is a healer, everybody says that, and I believe it.

Now I look at myself compared to two months ago and I’m a completely different person, I’m a lot more happy, I’m a lot more settled, I feel really positive, I mean I have my negative days but in general I’m pretty strong and 2 months ago I felt very weak.

If you did meet somebody else?

I wouldn’t want to bring them onto the show. That would be the last thing I would want to do. If I met someone now I would want to keep them away from it.

On providing for his children…

It shouldn’t be about me or her, as long as we both do ok, then our children will benefit in the future – It doesn’t matter, I mean I’m not complaining, but it doesn’t matter, but any properties or whatever will be for them.

The Live From Studio Five email inbox also received a very special message for presenter Kate Walsh from her Apprentice beau Philip Taylor which was read out live on air by her co-presenters Ian Wright and Melinda Messenger.

“I love your new show, in particular Kate Walsh. She is the most beautiful woman on television. Lots of love, Phillip Taylor.

On hearing this Kate exclaimed sheepishly “oh no, you are joking!”

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