Popstar To Operastar: 5th February 2010 liveblog

Popstar To Operastar is back and we’re only one week off the semi final.

After all the usual filler clips and introductions Bernie Nolan took to the stage and we can see why she is already favourite to win with the bookies. Not only did she sing amazingly well, she did it while dancing, flirting and managed to hit a high c sharp at the end of her song. She blew us away and the judges agreed.

Rolando: Chaka chaka chaka ( don’t worry, we’ve no idea what that means either!)

Meat Loaf: You owned that lady!

Danny Jones

Danny was in the bottom two last week and we could see that he was worried about ending up there again tonight. He made McFly practice opera songs with him during the week and we think it paid off. Danny always has a great stage presence which helps get him through each song. but we think he was vocally stronger this week. He has a bit to go before he reaches Bernie or Kym’s level, but there was a distinct improvement.

Katherine: It was really good performance and I kept you in last week because I could see the potntial. I’m glad because you are back

Lawrence: That was very much A side. You turned it into a football chant and I liked it!

Rolando: I’m very happy. Danny had fun with the piece and gave a good performance.

Kym Marsh

Kym cried during her rehearsal saying that the song reminds her of a certain somebody who means a great deal to her. She had to reign her emotions in a bit for tonight’s performance, while still making it believable. We like Kym and thought she managed the big notes well, but the bits in between were often shaky and slightly flat. She has a gorgeous singing voice, but Bernie Nolan is much more suited to an opera style.

Katherine: I know you struggled this week and I thought you held it together. I know it wasn’t easy for you.

Lawrence: That was extraordinarily effective. It was terribly moving.

Rolando: You started flat, I think the emotion and the breathing caused problems. You remained connected emotionally and that is very important for a performer.

Meat Loaf: I just love it when people just feel the song so much. You’re making me cry now.

Darius Campbell

It’s hard for us to concentrate on Darius’ singing each week, when we are so distracted by his chiseled features. But we’re giving it a go and because we’re not at all biased, we think it’s fair to say that he is by far the best out of all the male contestants who appeared on the show this year. We loved the comedy spin he put on his performance tonight and the tone of his voice impressed us greatly.

Meat Loaf: Three out of four weeks you have got the character. Check your fly I think it’s down!

Katherine: I wanna know why you were looking Meat! I really enjoyed your performance Darius, When you are singing in the right register it is so lovely.

Rolando: That’s where your voice should be singing. You created a performance out of it and thats very good. Congratulations.

Marcella Detroit

Marcella will be singing Ave Maria by Schubert and judging by the VT of her rehearsal, she’s going to nail it. Marcella started off a little shakily and her nerves definitely shine through. But she gained strength as she progressed. We didn’t think she was as good as last week, but still, she is up at the top with Bernie Nolan for us.

Meat Loaf: That was a really hard song because everybody knows it. You got the notes, you got the emotion and you had the angels from heaven standing beside you tonight.

Katherine: You did not need the fireworks this week and my worry about you in week one was that you wouldn’t be able to control your lower register. But you did, well done!

Rolando: I got a different quality in her performance. She controlled her vocal and it was a tremendous performance by Marcella

Lawrence: I liked the way you did that, it was bleeding, soulful and earthy.

Lisa McGarry

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