Popstar to Operastar – Danny Jones: ‘I didn’t have a clue about opera!’

McFly boy Danny Jones has admitted that he didn’t know a lot about Opera before he started rehearsing for ITV’s Popstar Operastar.

With help from expert and celebrity judges, Danny and his fellow pop singing competitors battle it out to become the best Opera singer on the reality TV show.

Danny admitted:

“I didn’t have a clue about opera,” he says, with a winning smile. “But more than anything else, the challenge of Popstar to Operastar appealed to me. Also, Friday night on ITV1 is a different crowd for me. What’s great is that this show features everyone from Alex James to Jimmy Osmond – that’s a really wide fan-base.”

The 23-year-old singer, who as part of McFly has had seven number one singles, admits that he has not found the opera training easy – in fact, quite the opposite. “It’s been really hard. I’ve got lots of bad habits. But the singing coaches here have been brilliant. They have taught me all sorts of great new techniques. The other day, as part of my training, I was lying on the floor doing sit-ups while singing. It was wild!”

Lisa McGarry

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