Popstar To Operastar: Darius Campbell sews up those flies!

by Lisa McGarry

Darius Campbell has revealed that he asked the Popstar To Operastar wardrobe team to sew up the flies on all future outfits.

The former Pop Idol star was left blushing last week, after Meatloaf pointed out that his flies were undone and that he was unwittingly exposing himself.

Darius told The Sun:

“I thought Meat Loaf was playing a joke on me when he said it in front of millions of viewers. But as soon as I reached down, I realised I hadn’t done my flies up.

“It was a nightmare and I couldn’t believe I had done it on national TV!

“About 20 minutes before I sang I realised my trousers were tight and tried them on without boxers. But I put them back on, thank goodness.”

Lisa McGarry

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