Preacher Judah Smith is helping Justin Bieber turn to God as he promises his mum he’s ok

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Justin Bieber has been seeking help from spiritual experts if recent reports are to be believed, in a bid to help him cope with his crazy lifestyle and recent problems.

The Canadian star has had a tough time in the UK over the last month and has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons – his gas mask, his tardiness, his partying and his attack on a photographer to name a few – and apparently his pal and preacher Judah Smith has been helping him seek solace in religion.

His advisor has been helping the teen idol to take a look at his life and his behaviour and try to find a way forward, in which he can retain his sense of self and his love of God. Judah revealed that he has been sending him scripture excerpts from his home on Seattle, in an attempt to help him find some peace.

“He feels under pressure. Every eyeball is on your life. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, Judah told The Sun this week.


On what role he plays in Bieber’s life, Smith continued by explaining:

“I give Justin encouragement. Take time to say to God, ‘I’m over my head here. I need your help’. He has coping methods like turning and talking to God and practising the ancient scriptures.”

“We exchange scriptures every day. Justin asks, ‘God if you’re there, I need help. I don’t know what decision to make’.”

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Justin’s mum is very religious and a devout Christian and it was her that introduced her son to the preacher and asked him to watch over the young singer. Bieber is said to hold him in very high regard and even this week, he tweeted Judah, asking for his help after another high profile incident. He tweeted:

“Love to my big bro Judah. I love u man u inspire me. When u have a moment of weakness ask god to be with you and bring his peace. I know for a fact it helps.”

Bieber also tweeted his mum last night, promising that he was on the right path and had put his tantrums behind him. He wrote:

“@pattiemallette u raised your boy right. not perfect but im trying. love u”

The ‘Baby’ hitmaker wrapped up his London shows yesterday, after performing a fourth concert in the O2 Arena. He referenced his recent ill health, which saw him being hospitalised this week posting:

“still a little short of breathe tonight but was an incredible show. London fans go hard! 4 SOLD OUT O2 shows in a row!! #BLESSED”

He also blamed the press for making his behaviour look much worse than it was adding:

“too many blessings to allow the stress in. the press made things look nuts but really I have enjoyed London. The fans are incredible”

“so while I have seen some crazy stuff it is all smiles. Im gonna get some rest and keep doing what i love. Entertain all of u. thanks”

He ended on a positive note, writing:

“u just gotta smile sometimes”

Do you think Biebs is back on track? We’re not sure he’ll be back in the UK any time soon! Leave your comments below….


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