Prince storms London with shock gigs but Peter Andre is STILL talking about his baby’s name!

by Lisa McGarry
peter andre

peter andre

Some things are worth waiting for. The new series of Sherlock, the Sunday roast, Christmas….the list goes on and one. However somehow Peter Andre managed to keep us all hanging on his every word last month, as he teased and teased and teased and teased his baby’s new name.

The reality TV star became a dad for the third time in January, after knocking up his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh last year.

Katie Price’s ex was apparently elated when his second daughter was born but not excited enough to name her.

He told Jonathan Ross he’d narrowed the list down to three or four, he told any magazine that would listen about the tot’s cute nickname and finally….finally last week Peter revealed that he and Emily had settled on the moniker Amelia.

It’s a lovely name and all but really, was it worth all that?

peter andre emily macdonagh

This week, in his column for new! magazine Peter has been filling us in with all the details and revealed that the name was up against competition from Isabella, but after a show of hands from Princess, Junior, himself and Emily Amelia won out.

Phew, we can only imagine the consequences if the vote had ended in a draw!

Andre also told us that the new baby will take his surname, has his dimples, his nose but Emily’s ‘eyes and mouth.’

He is going to keep us guessing over her new nickname though – can you stand the suspense? – and added:

“There are loads of names you can shorten Amelia to – we’ll have fun with her name!”


In the same month that Prince took the music industry and the British nation by storm, by surprising London fans with a list of pop up gigs and concerts, Peter Andre has kept us all on tenterhooks over the details of his baby’s name.

How does that even work? What is the world coming to? Leave your comments below and if you want to find out more intimate details of Peter’s life – like what he had for dinner last night and how often he clips his toenails – then of course you should buy new! magazine, out now.

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