Rebecca Black follows up Friday with new single Saturday – Look! Is that Miley Cyrus?

by Lisa McGarry

rebecca black saturday

The controversial internet sensation Rebecca Black hit the headlines over two and half years ago (yes it was that long ago) with that annoyingly catchy song Friday (Yes it’s THAT one) and now she’s back.

The young star, aged just 13 at the time, attracted a LOT of negative attention twiht her first ever song and claims of cyber bullying began when comments on her Youtube page became more and more abusive as her fame grew.

However it seems that Rebecca, now aged 16, has learned to put the past behind her and ignoring all those hateful messages, she went on to turn her hand at vlogging (Video Blogging) on Youtube where she became a bit of a hit and not just someone to laugh at.

The teenage wannabe has returned to the spotlight and has even displayed her sense of humour by poking fun at herself during a review of her cringe worthy first music video.

But don’t get your hopes up music fans! It seems that Black hasn’t given up her music dreams just yet and yes, you’ve guessed it, she’s promoting a new song.


As if that wasn’t horrific enough, it’s called Saturday. That’s right Saturday. Inventive eh?

In fairness to Black, t’s not as awful as Friday, it’s annoyingly catchy but that’s not what’s getting me talking. I have been rather captivated by the video content itself, which again parodies her original hit.

In some ways (I’m being nice!) I find that admirable, she’s showing the haters that she doesn’t care. She was 13…we all have cringe worthy moments at 13 don’t we? We just don’t have them on the internet.

rebecca black saturday

Becs is growing up and she’s had to do it faster than most. The new video has had over three millions views already, so she’s clearly doing something right, even if that something is making excruciatingly bad videos to even worse songs.

The singer (?) manages to tie in some pop culture references and in one scene, Black tries to play it cool as she and her onscreen friends don their biggest sunshades, hit a party and gather around a twerking Miley Cyrus lookalike. There is also some selfie taking, some poker playing (isn’t that illegal for minors) and drink from red plastic cups…..again, isn’t she too young for a frat bash?

Perhaps next year she’ll bring out an album called the week? Or why not collaborate with Craig David? I’m sure between them we’ll learn the days of the week in no time!

Have a watch…..


Lisa McGarry

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