Reece Bahia surprised by X Factor’s Simon Cowell at secret You Generation audition!


Reece Bahia has admitted that he was utterly shocked when he auditioned for a TV show recently, only to finish his song and find Simon Cowell walking towards him.

The student from Coventry was already chuffed to bits when he was asked to travel to London to try out for what he was told was a new secret TV series but things took an even more dramatic turn when he was greeted by the world famous music mogul himself.

The 17 year old was put in a room and told to sing his audition piece – he choose Labrinth’s Let The Sun Shine – and when he was finished he was to hit a button to let the producers know.

However, when Reece got to the end of his number and hit the key, the wall in front of him dropped, to reveal none other than the X Factor boss.

“It was crazy,” Reece told The Coventry Telegraph.

“I was in London for a TV audition and there was no mention of Simon Cowell being involved. I went into a studio made out to look like a bedroom and just sang.

you generation

“They told me to hit the space bar when I was finished but once I did that the wall disappeared. The first thing I thought was that I had broken the wall and I would have to pay for it.”

Simon was in the building filming the trailer for his new online, global talent show called The You Generation. Reece admitted that the star praised his hair and voice but he doesn’t yet know if he has made it through to the next round.

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THE YOU GENERATION – subtitled “the world’s first global audition” – premieres March 20, exclusively on Youtube.

Watch the trailer and a video of Baha singing and leave your comments below….


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