Saturday Night Takeaway: Gordon Ramsay ‘loses it’ on set as Ant & Dec go undercover in America

gordon ramsay snt

gordon ramsay snt

Well, we all kind of knew how this one was going to go… Gordon Ramsay is a foul mouthed man at the best of times, and when he’s riled up, it becomes increasingly worse… by the second!

On tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway, both Ant and Dec fly over to America to give Gordon Ramsay the surprise of his life, but it doesn’t sound like it was the best idea as the production team are still trying to edit out all of the swearing…

Ant and Dec will be seen embarking on a new surprise sketch on this evening’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway as they fly over to America to surprise chef, Gordon Ramsay, who is currently filming in the states.

They arrive on the set of his new show and pretend to be two handymen who are around to fix any problems on the set, but it isn’t long until they end up p*ssing off the Ramsay.

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Dec dresses up as Juan Junior, a rather round looking handy man and he ends up getting stuck in Ramsay’s dressing room with him and the only way out is to start smashing the door down with an axe. As you can imagine, Gordon’s face drops to the floor as he asks ‘Juan’ what he’s playing it. Although, it’s not as polite as that.

However, as much fun as it was to dupe the chef, both Ant & Dec have admitted that he swears that much, most of the sketch has had to be edited out or bleeped over.

Dec told the Daily Star: “We were lucky. We did think he might be really nice about it, but he loses it completely”

Ant added: “The lawyers are sill counting the bleeps”.

The sketch will be seen on this evening’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway, in which Ramsay later announces that he has never been as scared in his entire life. I feel his pain, I’d have been scared to be stuck in a dressing room with Dec as he wields an axe around.

Saturday Night Takeaway continues this evening on ITV at 7pm.

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