‘Secretive’ Taylor Swift making BIG changes because of Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston romances!

Taylor Swift has reportedly decided to be more ‘secretive’ about her love life, now that she’s been through yet another high profile break up.

The blonde beauty has had a whole string of famous boyfriends over the past few years. Recently she ended her long term relationship with DJ Calvin Harris and jumped straight into a new romance.

Calvin was devastated when it became clear he had been dumped for Tom Hiddleston and while that pair seemed loved up to the extreme for a while, they had a very public breakup within a few months.

taylor swift tom hiddleston

Taylor was at the centre of a media storm previously, when her split from One Direction star Harry Styles was played out in the press and media.

Now she wants to do things very differently.

“She is not avoiding dating nor is she actively looking for a boyfriend, but she definitely wants to make sure the next person she dates can be a little more secretive about the relationship and she is looking to do the same,” a source told HollywoodLife.com.



That means that her next romance will be very different to the one she was in most recently. Tom seemed to LOVE the attention that came with dating Swift. he was hardly trying to hide away, with his custom made t shirts, which declared love for the 22 hitmaker, and his temporary tattoos doing the same.

“She wants things to be less public, she is not looking to be the next Bennifer or Brangelina,” our insider added.

Maybe next time around Taylor should try dating someone who isn’t in the public eye. dating another celebrity seems to have caused nothing but trouble for her over the years. Remember John Mayer, that Jonas brother and of course Mr Harry himself?

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    media is so over dramatic about all this crap. Also, Taylor is one pretty messed up psycho.

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