Selena Gomez ‘made out’ with Niall Horan to spite Justin Bieber?

by Lisa McGarry

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Selena Gomez reportedly knew exactly what she was doing when she posed for pictures with Niall Horan earlier this month.

The star was in London for a few days and after attending a concert featuring her BFF Taylor Swift, the brunette beauty hooked up with One Direction’s blonde hunk and headed out for dinner.

It’s been claimed that Nialler asked Taylor to set him up and that he took Gomez to a London branch of Nandos for their meal. Last of the big spenders eh?

Sel was wearing the shortest black dress we have seen in a long time for their date and insiders told In Touch magazine that she planned her outfit and her date out carefully!

They claim that Gomez knew her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber would happen upon them as soon as they hit mainstream media and she wanted to ‘get back’ at the troubled star.


However the date went so well that the former Disney star ended up kissing Niall it’s said and after they ‘made out’ she decided she wanted to see him again.

“She thinks he’s sweet and a good guy. She would go on another date with him,” the source claimed.

Those close to Gomez are hoping that Niall “will help her finally get over Justin” and recover from her emotional start to 2014, which saw her in rehab for a few weeks last month.

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It’s also been reported that she’s turned down the chance to go to Bieber’s 20th birthday party this week, so she can make a clean start.

We don’t know how much time Niall is going to have for romance this year though. His Where We Are stadium tour kicks off in April and will take him around the globe, travelling for months on end.

Before that he has to finish writing for the band’s fourth studio album.

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    that will never ever happen.. my hubby dont want to date anyone like her

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    i love it but i wish i had him he is mine

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    niet van mij!!

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