Sharleen Spiteri: X Factor ‘f***ked up with auto-tuning!

by Lisa McGarry

Must Be The Music judge Sharleen Spiteri, has claimed that X Factor bosses should never have used auto-tuning on their contestants voices.

As the Texas star prepares for this Sunday’s MBTM final, in which Daithi, Emma’s Imagination. Hero, Missing Andy, Pepper and Piano and The Picture will compete for the £100,000 prize, she hit out at the rival ITV show which famously used voice altering technology on it’s first audition show.

Sharleen told The Sun:

“They f*****d up. I don’t know about Auto-Tune and I don’t care.

“I don’t think anyone on our show needs it.”

Fellow judge Dizzee Rascal claimed that their show has more credibility, because the artists are the one who benefit from the massive exposure, not the judges. Each act who reached the live stages had a song released on iTunes, which was promoted on the show. Emma’s Imagination and Pepper and Piano both managed to get their tracks into the top ten. They were allowed to keep all profits from the sale of their music, in contrast any X Factor stars are tied into Simon Cowell’s Syco/Sony BMG label and are required to release only the music which label bosses deem suitable.

Dizzee told The Sun:

“We give power back to the artists. It’s in their hands.

“They earn all the money from their song on iTunes, we don’t take any of their money.

“The artists make the money, the way it should be.”

The rap star went on: “Our acts are not deluded people who have woken up one day and decided that they want to be the best singer in the world.

“They know their craft, they’ve often been doing it for years. They know who they are and what they are about.”

Unreality TV will be at Wembley for this week’s Must Be The Music live final and we can’t wait to see some of these acts perform live. Our favourite reality TV moment ever occurred on the show last week, when Dizzee was rocking the crowd with his own performance and fellow judge Jamie Cullum joined him on the judging table for a bit of a boogie. You’d never see Simon Cowell doing that!

Lisa McGarry

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