Sharon Osbourne: Being Ugly Helped My Career

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has claimed that being born ‘short, fat and hairy’ made her develop a personality and skills that she wouldn’t have bothered with had she been pretty.

Sharon managed her husband Ozzy Osbourne’s career for 20 years before become a worldwide reality TV star and in an interview with Psychologies magazine she said that he lack of natural prettiness forced her to ‘develop a brain and personality and be fun and smart and learn to get on with people and make deals.’

‘In the music business in the Seventies, girls were beautiful. You were a performer, or you could be a girlfriend or groupie, but you still had to look good. I didn’t have the face or the body that opens doors… Not being beautiful was an education.’

And she goes as far as to say: ‘My achievements are down to my looks, or lack of them… I’m not putting myself down, that’s the truth.

‘I didn’t have nay talent, either, and I left school with barely a single qualification.’If I’d been pretty my life would probably have been very different.’

I actually think that Sharon makes some really good points here. Having read one of her autobiographies, I appreciate that Sharon has not had an easy or charmed life, yet she has made quite a career for herself off the back of her sharp business skills and take no s**t attitude to life.


Lisa McGarry

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