So You Think You Can Dance 16th January 2010 – Liveblog!

by Lynn Rowlands

Howdy, Unreality TV readers! We’re planning a night of SYTYCD fun and games to celebrate it’s second live show on BBC tonight.

Having lost one boy and one girl in the judges’ vote-off last week, we are down to twelve dancers, 6 pairs. The dances on tonight’s show will be choreographed by Strictly Come Dancing professionals Katya Virshilas and Klaus Kongsdal and we will be treated to a performance by former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

So, without further ado, welcome to our live blog and thanks for joining us. Please do feel free to leave your comments for us, or if you’re feeling frisky, maybe we can have A Heated Debate… I love those!

So click the link below to read tonight’s blog and to have your say, and infinitely more importantly, you’ll get to read what I think. Dang, we’re good to you!So, here we go then and we’re getting a run-down on the low-down of what we can expect this week. And of course, for one boy, one girl, the dream ends right here tonight. Aww bless ’em.

Cat’s now introducing the dancers who’re all looking like th ’80s might call and ask for their clothes back at any moment. And I’m not entirely sure what Lizzie’s come as; perhaps it was for a dare that bizarre costume?

Cat’s looking stunning in a tight red dress – baggage, how very dare she be that slim! Cat’s explaining that tonight, after the first show and our votes, in tonight’s second show, two of the dancers will be leaving.

And now here are the judges, Nigel, Arlene, Louise and Sisqo…

Nigels’s saying that the contest is, at present, wide open and any of the dancers could win. Good to know who we can turn to for statements of the glaringly obvious isn’t it?

Anyway, first up are Yanet and Robbie. Robbie’s telling us how comfortable he is with Yanet and how he likes that she tells him if he’s doing something wrong. Yanet doesn’t like that Robbie’s so tall apparently. Anyway, this week, they’re going to be performing hip hop.

So here they are, crawling along the stage as their opening move. They’re dressed head to toe in sparkly silver, and so far, it’s pretty impressive; costumes, moves, head stands, cartwheels… they’re doing pretty well, but it does look a little bit like they’re fighting to keep time with each other.

Poor Robbie’s limping and he says that all his muscles “are gone.”

Nigel’s saying that it worked, but “with reservations” in that there’s a “resistance” in hip hop and they were, he says, a little too “loose.” Ewww, grim.

He says the performances from them both lacked “attitude” but he liked the “tricks” the pair performed, such as the back somersault.

Sisqo says that “it’s a mess” referring to the lack of control the couple had during the dance. He says “it was all done too much”. However, he says that he did like the way Robbie handled it, but only because of his “athleticism”.

Arlene now and she reckons that “hip hop is about synchronicity, and you two were about as synchronised as a British Rail timetable… it was not good.”

Louise said that she agrees; “it was confusing but good effort” she said.

Oh dear… did you think they were that awful??

So, next up it’s Chloe and Gavin and we’ve been seeing some pretty grim footage of them burping… fun times. And at the mo, we’re seeing them practicing lifts and spins which look as though they might cripple each other.

Chloe’s wearing a lovely dress, albeit somewhat skimpy, and to her credit, she’s dancing in heels. That said though, they’re more like the ones a librarian would wear but even still, those moves in heels of any kind is brave…

I have to say, I’m by no means an expert but it doesn’t look all that impressive to me. What say you?

Now, over to the judges and first, Nigel, who said it was “evocative” but he added that Gavin didn’t find his “centre of gravity” and after dropping Chloe, he “never found it”, ‘it’ being his mojo I presume.

As to Chloe, Nigel said that he really liked her performance and the style of the dance suited her.

Over to Arlene who said that she wouldn’t like to be in their shoes because Karen, their mentor, might be hard on them as they didn’t do as well as they could/should have doen. And she added that the dance, “wasn’t strong enough.”

Louise said that Broadway is about conveying a story and she says that they did that; “You’re a pleasure to watch” she said to Chloe, adding that Gavin made her smile. Bless.

Sisqo said, “it was phenomenal” and he says Gavin’s “growing” and “well done guys, amazing!”

So now it’s a Contemporary dance from Hayley and Drew who, during rehearsals, were worried about being in the bottom two again, so they’ve worked extra hard this week to get the moves down.

And I must say, it does look pretty polished and more than a little complex. There are a lot of lifts and spins, but there are a few moments when they look like they’re lifting sacks of spuds around.

But what do the judges think? Well, Arlene said that contemporary dance requires “storytelling” and the “power of that storytelling was immense.” Praise indeed!

Over to Nigel and he says that the choreography was wonderful and the “technique was superb” and overall, he really liked the whole shebang.

Louise said their performance was one of the best she’s ever seen and like Arlene, she felt there was a story being told.

It seems we’re not hearing from Sisqo this time… somebody ran over their time there then!

Mandy and Alastair are up next and they’re going for “sexy and flirtatious” in their dance this week. His mentor this week, Carmen, says Alistair has a bit of the Patrick Swayze’s about him. Let’s hope she’s right so that he doesn’t end up going this week.

Well, so far their Latin dancing seems perfectly in time, but on a pedantic point, I’m not down with the music; it’s a bit supermarket session singery…

Anyway, they end the dance with Mandy being held upside down, which is pretty impressive!

Nigel said “I like it like that” referring to the lyrics of their music and of course, his opinion of their performance. He has a couple of criticisms to do with the technicalities of the dance, but he says that when Alistair lifted Mandy, it was great.

Arlene says that Alistair didn’t feel “at home with the hip action” but Mandy on the other hand had excellent hip action. Ooo er.

Louise said for her, it was a “bit of a rollercoaster” in that parts were very good, some parts weren’t. “It wasn’t consistent” she said.

Sisqo’s disagreeing with her and said, “Gosh it was phenomenal” I did not know people still said ‘gosh’ outside of old people’s homes or David Cameron’s house. However, Sisqo says the couple were “very, very impressive” with the end pose when Alistair held Mandy upside down. “I loved it!” he proclaimed.

He liked it then…

Charlie and Tommy are the next couple out and as we’re watching them rehearse, we hear that they’re not coping well with the moves, especially Tommy. He says he doesn’t feel as though he can pull it off.

So is he right? Will it all go the way of the pear? We’ll find out any second now…

Right out of the gate Tommy doesn’t look very comfortable, but Charlie does. I think his discomfort is affecting the overall performance, even though Charlie is move-perfect.

Now over to the judges and first, Sisqo said pop jazz isn’t one of his favourite styles but he said that Charlie was “amazing” and to Tommy, he said that he thinks Tommy did a good job but it didn’t showcase his potential.

Arlene disagreed and said that everything Tommy did was “a story” and he spoke “with every step”. She was clearly very impressed then!

Louise is almost having to break Sisqo and Arlene up!!

So over to Nigel who said “I have to agree with Sisqo” because it was “too simplistic and too in the background.” However, he says that he felt they both did their best.

Finally, Louise said that they both danced to the best of their ability and that’s what the show’s all about.

Lizzie and Mark are next up with a Viennese waltz, and it seems that neither of them are very keen on this dance. And Mark’s worried that he’s going to find it all too tough with his broken finger. Awww bless him.

Well, no sooner have they come out than Mark’s had to do a pretty dramatic lift of Lizzie and it would seem his broken finger didn’t hinder him at all. But oh dear, they don’t look like this dance suits them at all.

They both look uncomfortable to me, but, as I said earlier, I’m no kind of expert! So what did the people who are experts think?

Nigel’s pointing out that neither of them have had ballroom training and that being the case, they were “fantastic.” He’s even used the word “beautiful” to describe their performance.

Arlene said “Mark and Lizzie, to watch two hip hop dancers doing this dance is so moving and so touching… I love you both.”

Louise agreed with what’s been said so far but added that she felt Mark was a little “awkward” at times.

Sisqo said, “wow, wow, wow… Definitely the best performance of the night.”

And that’s it for tonight’s first show. The judges can’t agree on who they liked the best tonight so it’s all up to the public vote now. So who will you be voting to keep in?

Join us later tonight for the second part of the show at 8:20pm!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.