So You Think You Can Dance results show- Gavin Tsang & Chloe Campbell voted off

by Lynn Rowlands

Hi again all, so here we are, ready to hear who’s staying in and who’s offski tonight.

All the dancers have just performed a very impressive and slick group dance, but now that’s over, it’s down to the serious business of finding out the results of the public vote and then, after a dance off, it’s down to the judges…Only four couples are guaranteed a place in next week’s show, which leaves two couples who’ll have to dance solo to keep their individual places.

So here are the results; Chloe and Gavin are in danger so will both be performing solo later.

Arlene said that she’s not surprised Gavin’s in danger but she’s sorry that Chloe’s in the bottom of the qualifying acts tonight.

Next, Hayley and Drew are safe and therefore through to next week, as are Lizzie and Mark.

The next couple to find out their fates this week are Charlie and Tommy who are safe and through to next week’s rounds.

Yanet and Robbie, Mandy and Alistair are left to hear what the public thought…

The final safe couple are Yanet and Robbie so Mandy and Alistair will be dancing solo tonight.

So Gavin, Chloe, Mandy and Alistair are going to make last ditch efforts to get through to next week. Do you agree with the public vote? And who should go through and who should leave? Let us know!

Onto the dances and Chloe’s the first to perform solo. She, like the others, has just 30 seconds to do what she can to persuade the judges to keep her in the show.

Next is Gavin who, to be honest, looks more like he’s doing martial arts than dancing.

Now it’s the turn of Mandy who’s certainly very gymnastic! However, as with Gavin, it looks more like athleticism than dancing to me…

Finally, Alistair goes out to dance and his performance is very ballet – but he’s doing it well, even though the rock music he’s doing it too seems rather incongruous.

So, after Alexandra Burke’s performed her new single ‘Broken Heels’, it’s up to the judges to decide who stays and who goes…

Here we go then, it’s time to find out who leaves tonight.

Nigel said that all the judges felt that nerves played a big part tonight for all the dancers, but addressing Chloe and Mandy, he said “Chloe, you are Miss Personality” and to Mandy he said, “You have very strong technique”.

And Mandy’s through, so of course, that’s the end of the road for Chloe. Right or wrong decison? Let us know what you think.

So now the boys hear their fates…

Nigel said “gentlemen, we are unanimous in this decision this week” and to Alistair he said, “We felt as though your partner was the strength this week and you weren’t as good as you could have been.”

To Gavin he said, “You have worked your socks off” and added, “Four years is not long to gain as much experience as you’ve had. Your vocabulary of dance isn’t full enough at this moment in time.”

Gavin is leaving tonight, so Alistair gets to fight another week. So again, what do you think? Was it right that Gavin was voted off tonight?

So that’s it for this week. Let us know what you thought of the show tonight. Adios amigos!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.