So You Think You Can Dance – The Final (13 February 2010)

by Lisa McGarry

For the first time this series, Cat Deeley doesn’t try to shimmy her way onto the stage. She wastes no time with introductions, it’s straight into Robbie White dislocating his shoulder – ON CAMERA!!!

A clearly devastated Robbie is seen teary-eyed, admitting that his place in the competition is over. He joins Cat on stage wearing a funky black sling. My heart sincerely bleeds for him – I reckon he could’ve won this series. Nigel admits that “it’s brilliant drama for a reality show, though!” The only dancers remaining now are Charlie, Lizzie and Tommy. Taking Robbie out of the mix makes a massive difference – it could be anybody’s game tonight!

Charlie, Lizzie and Tommy come out for a group routine to I Gotta Feelin’. The girls are shop dummies who become animated when Tommy touches their windows. Then they promptly kick their way through the windows to join him. It’s a blindingly energetic routine to start the night with, and the crowd goes wild!

Lizzie and Tommy

Tasked with doing a jazz number, Lizzie and Tommy do a wonderfully fun routine to Annie Lennox’s Sweet Dreams. Nigel: What we have to remember with you two is that you’re hip-hop and a breakdancer. You were absolutely brilliant, both of you. You’ve both set a target now for everybody else in the competition. Arlene: I’m going to talk about the acting – fiesty, fiery, fierce. Lizzie, you’re an actress, goddess and star. Louise: It’s so good to see both of you in the final. You’re both hot on precision. Sisco: It was so good guys, a fantastic opening to the show. It was just phenomenal.

Charlie and Lizzie

Yes, it’s the first time this series two female dancers have done a dance ‘duet’. They’re doing All That Jaz from Chicago. Oh, this is a fun routine, both girls look like they’re having a ball, and I love the chemistry between them. Arlene: Lizzie, this is the new you. Charlie, you would have swept the board. Louise: Charlie, that was your moment, that was right up your street. Sisco: I’ve been looking forward to this one. The chemistry, the charisma was spot on. Charlie – what a mature performance! Nigel: You almost wanted them in the parts from Chicago – they really are proving tonight why Britain has chosen them as their favourite two girl dancers.

Charlie and Tommy

Tommy takes the lead in this dance – pulling off that upright move Nigel complimented him on earlier. Charlie responds with a sexy scissor kick later on, and the two of them own the stage in a routine that manages to get progressively hotter! Nigel: We keep talking about cheeky Charlie….my God! You were absolutely sensational sweetheart. The feeling, the chemistry. I’d have liked a bit more out of you Tommy. Young lady, you shouldn’t be going to places like that. Charlie, you’ve just eased into the front for me. Arlene: Charlie, you absolutely nailed it. Tommy, this was like Charlie’s dance, step aside. Charlie, you’ve stopped hiding behind that smile, it was like a different person. Louise: When you are working with a big track, you can sometimes get swamped. Charlie, you are getting sexier and sexier. Tommy, you were so strong, you were supportive to Charlie and you held that together. Sisco: I’m gonna give Tommy a bit more credit – you’ve been the most consistent in this competition. Not once have you given a bad performance, not once.

Lizzie and Alastair

Alastair returns for a one-off dance with Lizie, a sexy samba. It’s mesmerising to watch Lizzie’s toned abs moving as she dances – that’s hot!  Their finishing move is beyond my limited dance vocabulary, but it’s amazing. Louise: Lizzie, you know I think you’re a fab dancer. But that lacked a bit of dirt and passion and fire. It was good, but a bit shy and a bit English. Sisco: I’m gonna disagree. You did a one-woman show, lady. Alastair didn’t give you anything to work off. Nigel: I think it was possibly a one-woman show. I’ve seen better chemistry between you two – in fact, I always thought there was something going on between you two. But this is your fourth routine tonight – you did a great job, you brought energy to it. Arlene: I have to say, the samba is a dance that talks with the feet. I have never ever seen a dancer pick up the samba footwork.  [gets drowned out by ecstatic cheering].

Tommy and Mark

Mark Calape returns to dance a hip-hop routine with Tommy. The two have a similar style, so it’ll hopefully have a good vibe. The two start off on futuristic podiums. Mark looks demented. The duo pull off some great moves, but it’s not as engaging as I’d expected it to be. Nigel: Sometimes you’ve got to find another persona to dance with. I would like a little more. My eyes were taken to Mark a little more than you. It meant his performance – for me – was a little more. Arlene: I felt it was like the winter Olympics. Tommy, you are a master of this old school style – I bow to you! Louise: It was such a delight to see two of the UK’s best hip-hop dancers tonight on that stage. Sisco: You ripped it mate, it was done beautifully. That floor work – effortless. That was perfection.

Charlie and Drew

Drew returns to dance with Charlie. They do a very fluid interpretive routine that includes some daringly fast and acrobatic moves. Charlie looks gorgeous in that flowing dress. The audience goes wild for this – Charlie’s got massive support this evening! Arlene: Charlie, you are an inspiration to every little girl who wants to dance. You sweep every ounce of passion into that routine. To think that you are fresh out of school I’m truly touched by what you’ve done. Louise: Tonight, you completely captivated me. You’ve grown, not only as a dancer, but as a woman. Sisco: You are an inspiration. Best routine of the night. Nigel: I must say how brilliant Drew was with you. It would give me great pleasure to go back to America with this routine and say it was originally choreographed in the UK. If people say I’m being biased toward you tonight, I don’t give a damn. Because, you are without question the best dancer in this final tonight.

Solo routine: Lizzie

Lizzie does a quick solo routine to Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music. Louise takes pains to point out that Charlie hasn’t won yet and it’s not a one-horse race.

Solo routine: Tommy

Tommy’s routine has elements of martial arts sprinkled through it as well as impressive acrobatic flips and leaps. Arlene praises his uniqueness and his phenomenal dancing skills. She pervs on his bare chest too. Why not, it’s the final!

Solo routine: Charlie

A very ‘Charlie’ routine, she pulls out all of her standard moves – and they’re excellent as usual, but didn’t she get criticised for failing to vary her solo routines. Nigel asks Arlene to give comments (feeling bad for that biased remark?) and Arlene praises her progress over the course of the night.

After an unnecessary break for the National Lottery (what the hell?) the show comes back with a group routine, reprising all the former contestants, dancing to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Is it my imagination, or can you see where some of the dancers are a little tired out at this stage?

The Results

The results start out predictably – Lizzie is the first contestant to get voted off. The judges give her a standing ovation, which is really nice. Arlene praises her, saying that phones will be ringing with work for Lizzie. Lizzie drops a classic – “I’m still gonna go to America and kick arse over there!”

A nervous looking Robbie Williams takes to the stage – he’s here to promote the official Sport Relief single, Morning Sun. He spends a fair bit of time joking with the audience members in the gaps between the lyrics: “You’re clapping out of time!”

Finally, after much messing about – Cat Deeley announced that Charlie is the winner. Officially, that makes her “Britain’s Favourite Dancer”. Nigel gives high praise for both Tommy and Charlie, noting that Charlie edged it over Tommy tonight.

Lisa McGarry

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