Sooo Justin Bieber’s management clarify retirement tweets “He was kidding” – erm, which is it then?

by Nick Barnes
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He is, he isn’t, he is, he isn’t… Justin Bieber and his management can’t seem to make their mind up about whether Justin Bieber really is retiring or not…

According to the people over at Scooter Braun Projects, Bieber played along with the “baseless rumour” for the sake of it. Well, Bieber, this time around it wasn’t the press, it was you! Sooo, what’s the lesson here then?

Recently, speaking on a Los Angeles radio station in the US, Bieber said that his new album would be his last as he was going to retire. The internet, blogs and news outlets alike went into a complete frenzy thinking the statement was possibly true.

Following on from that, a source clarified that Bieber was not retiring and that he was just “being a little punk” with the whole rumour.

Not long after that, Bieber took to Twitter on Christmas Day to say that he is indeed retiring, but he will always be around for his fans. And now comes a rather lengthy statement from Scooter Braun’s company – the main aim of which is to stop people from talking about the matter as much.

Allison Kaye, General Manager of Scooter Braun Projects wrote in the statement: “Regarding his recent tweeting about his ‘retirement’, Justin felt that this was the best way to respond to the latest in a long line of inaccurate or wildly exaggerated media reports about him.

justin bieber

“He chose to channel his frustration into playing along with this baseless rumor and even used ‘beloved’ to tip off his core fans that it wasn’t real.

“Within 20 minutes, Justin realized that fans were confused by the media reports and clarified that he was just kidding. This wasn’t a planned stunt, it was just another day in the life of living under the microscope.

“Justin loves his fans and understands that this scrutiny comes along with his success and the interest in him from fans and media”.

So, there you have it. Bieber isn’t retiring, again, for now. Although, Bieber does have the knack for complaining about the press talking schmuck about him… I say, don’t give them reason to and telling the world you’re retiring is only going to bring added attention.


Nick Barnes

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