Sooo Peter Andre & Emily MacDonagh FINALLY name their baby girl! Welcome baby Amelia Andre!

by Nick Barnes
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peter andre emily macdonagh

After waiting for what feels like forever, Peter Andre and his fiancée Emily MacDonagh have FINALLY agreed on a name for their new-born baby girl!

Rumour mill has been going into overdrive recently about the name, with Poppy even being suggested along the line, but we now know that Peter & Emily have named their baby girl, Amelia.

Peter confirmed the news earlier today via his official Twitter account, in which he wrote: “Ok FINALLY we have a name for our beaut of a baby girl. Ems, J, P and I have decided on Amelia:):):)

“So lovely fans before you read it anywhere else here it is. Love ya :)”.

It has been a whopping four weeks since Emily gave birth to Amelia, but up until now we’ve just not had any news on a name.

Peter Andre admitted on the Jonathan Ross show over the weekend that he and Emily have struggled with finding the perfect name for their perfect little princess.

peter andre

He said: “I love Rose because it’s English and beautiful. Amelia, beautiful name. Elizabeth. Alexandra. So these are the four names that we’ve been throwing around. I love them because they are English and they are beautiful.

“So, the baby came three weeks early. Then we looked at each other and I said, ‘We haven’t got a name’, so we started calling her Rose, but she wasn’t a Rose. It didn’t click.

“Then we went backwards and forwards. Then three days ago, Emily throws another spanner in the works and says, ‘What about Poppy?’ Poppy is a nice name. Then she threw Isabella and I thought that’s a nice name. So we’re sort of in a bit of a pickle here”.

Well, pickle over! The pair have finally come to a mutual decision about the name. So, everyone say hello to baby Amelia Andre.

Do you like the name or do you think they should have gone with a different choice? Let us know in the comments below…

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