Splash 2014: Ricky Groves says of estranged wife Hannah Waterman “She won’t take my calls!”

by Lynn Rowlands
ricky groves hannah waterman

ricky groves splash
Former EastEnders star Ricky Groves is currently busy training ahead of his first dives for the second series of ITV show Splash! but he’s taken time out away from the pool to reveal that his estranged wife Hannah Waterman – who was also his co-star on the BBC soap – refuses to have any contact with him.

The couple split four years ago after Hannah ditched him on New Year’s Eve 2009, but they’re still not divorced. However, as both he and Hannah now have new partners, Ricky had assumed that at some point, she would want to discuss making their breakup official.

However, he told The Sun on Sunday, “I can’t understand it. After all, it was her idea to end our marriage.

“Every time I’ve rung her the phone has been on but she’s not answered. I’ve left messages, sent texts but got no reply.

“You would have thought she would be keen to get a divorce, especially now she’s had a baby.”

He added, “It’s sad because we were together for ten years…

ricky groves hannah waterman

“Recently I texted her that our dog Ernie, who I was looking after, had died. I didn’t even get a response to that.”

Ricky continued, “It took me a long, long time to get over what happened. It was the lowest I’ve ever been.

“It was the clinical way it was done. I wish she had let me down gently but I suppose there is no easy way to leave someone.

“Our break-up hit me hard because I took my vows very seriously. My parents celebrated their golden anniversary this year and I always saw marriage as being for life.

“But as Mum said to me, ‘You had ten good years’ and that’s how I see it too. I’m not bitter.

“Mind you, I’d always disliked New Year’s Eve. I dislike it even more now. This time of year brings back all those memories.

“But I’m not moping around the house on my own anymore.”

ricky groves

On a happier note, Ricky then said he’s loving taking part in Splash!, remarking, “I like learning something different, which is why I did Strictly Come Dancing in 2009 when I was thrilled to get to week ten.

“With Splash! it’s more about facing my fears. Diving is the hardest sport I have ever done, and that includes skiing and snowboarding.

“When you look down over the edge of the board. it’s terrifying.”

He added, “My admiration for Tom Daley has gone through the roof. People just don’t appreciate how brave he is.

“He was doing all these spectacular dives the other day and the crew said, ‘Oh, that’s just Tom warming up.’

“I haven’t even got to the highest board yet.”

The new series of Splash! debuts next Saturday, but for now, here’s a reminder of Ricky as Gary on EastEnders…

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