Splash 2014: Ricky Groves slaps his knackers but still pulls off the dive!

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ricky groves splash

Ricky Groves continued on his reality TV journey tonight, as he made his diving debut on Splash.

The former Eastenders actor has previously appeared on Strictly Come Dancing (he and Erin Boag were voted out in week 10), he took part in TV series Celebrity Coach Trip partnered with friend Alex Ferns and the star was also a contestant on the 2011 series of Celebrity MasterChef.

Not much acting work about then?

Tonight Ricky got his dive on as he joined Gemma Collins, Gemma Merna, Perri Kiely and Michaela Strachan poolside for the first episode of Splash this year. He’s been in training with coaches and celebrity diver Tom Daley for months but apparently all has not been going well and just this week Michaela revealed that he had a somersault go very wrong in his sessions. She told The Cambridge News:

“The other day Ricky Groves attempted a somersault. It went wrong, and as he got out of the water he looked like he had third-degree sunburn.”

In his pre performance VT Ricky said:

“I really don’t have any experience of diving whatever. I’m not that physically fit. It is a lot more difficult than it looks.”

“The head first thing scares me a little bit. I have had a few back flops and side landers.”

“I am very anxious and a little nervous and I want to thank all the members of St John’s Ambulance here this evening.”

Groves’ dive was a forward dive, with tuck, from five metres.

splash judges


Leon Taylor (6.5): It was the easy option, you played safe, however you attack, you had some good height and the entry was good.

Andy Banks (7): The performance was great, I thought you had blown it but you controlled the tuck and the entrance was good.

Jo Brand (7.5): You look very pleased that you are unscathed and I am pleased for you as well.

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