Splash final results: Who won? Eddie’ The Eagle’ Edwards! Tom Daley is very proud!


We started off hating it but we have to admit that Splash has been growing on us week after week and tonight, we admit, we were sad that the series was coming to an end.

The ITV competition has been slated by critics, but achieved pretty respectable ratings for a Saturday night show going out in January and this evening the three final stars went head to head for the winners’ title.

Benidorm actor Jake Canuso, interior designer Linda Barker and ski jump legend Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards made it through the first heats and semi finals and tonight took to the diving board for the last time in the series.

The trio performed twice each and put on some pretty amazing diving displays, which included solo jumps as well as a synchronised dive with Olympic medal winning sportsman and mentor Tom Daley.

tom daley, vernon kay

51 year old Barker was the oldest competitor, but insisted that it shouldn’t make a difference to her vote. She said:

“I don’t think age should inhibit anybody in any sport whatsoever!”

She wasn’t looking quite so confident as she stood at the edge of the pool, at the end of the show and Vernon Kay revealed that she had received the least votes and had not won the title.

Eddie and Jake hugged before the final result was revealed and the presenters confirmed that Edwards had received the highest number of votes and been crowned the Splash champion.

All three stars cannonballed back into the pool a this point and afterwards said:

“Fantastic. I’m trying not to cry.”

“it has been fantastic, the audience have been wonderful. Thank you for getting behind me.”

‘It’s been very painful, very difficult, very dangerous but I have loved every second.”

Daley said: “I am very proud, he’s amazed me. The way he picked it up was just incredible. Don’t give it up!”

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