Splash! Linda Barker says she has no “secret” to looking great – it’s all down to self-discipline and exercise #sigh

by Lynn Rowlands

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51 year old TV presenter and interior designer Linda Barker has an enviable figure which seems to have – so far – defied gravity and laughed in the face of post-maternity sagging…

And when asked recently how she manages to keep her amazing bikini body, sadly, Linda revealed that she has no “secret” and has to work hard in the gym while avoiding the biscuit barrel…

Hence the ‘sigh’ above. Wouldn’t it be nice if just once, someone said, “Yes, I used to weigh 56 stone, but now, thanks to this magic dust that I sprinkle on my pies while sitting on the sofa, I’m a size 6…”

But nope, it’s not to be, so onto what Linda said of keeping in shape, as witnessed by her clingy bikini on Splash!

She told the Mirror, “I work out hard. I’m lucky, because it’s something I enjoy.

“I know it’s a bit of a pain for a lot of people, but I do really love exercise. I have a personal trainer, Giulio, in a gym down in South London, where I go twice a week.

“He is really tough. That’s why I do it. Every session is 100% to my max.

“I couldn’t possibly go to the gym and work myself out that hard – pushing, pushing, pushing. Nor would I want to – I’d think: ‘I can’t lift that!’

“He kinda bullies me into lifting weights and running harder, faster and longer. Everything is to its max.

linda barker“To me, that’s the benefit of having a trainer. Because I’ve booked him, I have to go. There’s no such thing as a bad morning.

“I still go to him and his little gym in Dulwich. It’s a relationship you build.

“So I cycle there, which takes half an hour, then I do my hour training with him, then I cycle home, twice a week.”

Annoyingly, she added, “I run a bit, as well. I ran the marathon last year. And I’ve done yoga for a long, long time.

“When I turned 40, I got into yoga. I do mostly vinyasa flow, a little bit of ashtanga.

“But I downloaded a yoga sequence from a yoga teacher in New York on my iPhone, so wherever I am, I can just press ‘go’ on my phone.

“I’ve got an hour and a quarter of yoga routine in my phone. I can do it in a hotel, my bedroom, living room – wherever I am, I’ll do yoga if I can.

“That gets me really focused.”

The breathing techniques that Linda’s learned while doing yoga have come in very handy on the diving board.

She said, “My heart, especially on Saturday, was beating so much. But with deep yogic breaths from the bottom of your stomach – you can control your heartbeat and then you’re ready to go.

“My body has got me through life. It’s working, it lets me run marathons, it lets me dive off 7.5m boards.

“You should love the shape you’re in. The most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence in her body.

“If you can walk with confidence then your body feels better, your posture’s good and you’ve got it!

“My body is strong and healthy and I’m confident in my own skin.”

Again, sigh…

Splash! continues on ITV1, tonight at 7pm, but for now, here’s a look at Linda’s dive last week…


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