Stephanie Davis leaves Over The Rainbow

Stephanie Davis was eliminated from Over The Rainbow tonight.

Stephanie found herself in the bottom two alongside Steph Fearon and presenter Graham Norton revealed that Stephanie was the least popular Dorothy with the public this week. She was also the least popular with the judges, Sheila Hancock and John Partridge named her as the one contestant that they would send home if they could choose tonight.

The pair sang Andrew Lloyd Webber’s own song ‘Tell Me On A Sunday’, with Steph opening the rendition. Although Stephanie did sing beautifully, she just couldn’t match the crystal clear vocals and pure emotion of Steph’s performance. It was clear from about halfway through the song who would be leaving.

Making his decision Andrew Lloyd Webber said:

Both of you are extraordinarily talented so I’ve got to make a decision that I’m not sure is right. I think really all things considered I have to save Steph.

On hearing the news Stephanie said:

I’ve had the most amazing time. I wasn’t ready to go because I have so much more to give, I couldn’t wait for musical theatre week, to rock it out. I love you all girls and I know I could have give you more but this isn’t going to be the end. I’m going to carry on and I’ve loved every minute. I’m gutted I’m not going to be here.

Andrew added:

I’ve had fantastic reports about you from everywhere you’ve worked so far and this decision was agonizing for me. You were a really strong Dorothy, you can dance, you can move, it’s just finally on that moment on the acting I had a slight moment of doubt. But I have not the slightest doubt that you’ll be right back with us, you’ve a fantastic career in front of you.

The only thing left for Steph was a heartbreaking performance of Over The Rainbow which saw her stopping for a few lines because she was too choked up….not forgetting the handing back of her sparkly shoes and trip on an flying rainbow! Did you agree with tonight’s result? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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