Stepping Out: Brian McFadden & Vogue Williams’ swearing gave producers “a headache” but the show’s doing wonders for Carl Froch’s love life!

Carl Froch, Rachael Cordingley, Brian McFadden, Vogue Williams stepping out
As we reported earlier this year, ITV are to debut a celebrity dance extravaganza entitled Stepping Out, which is intended to rival long-running BBC show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Stepping Out, which debuts next Saturday – and is hosted by Davina McCall – features celebrity couples learning to dance together, as well as showing them at home going about their day to day lives, and among the couples featured are former Westlife star Brian McFadden and his wife, Vogue Williams…

However, it seems that their often volatile relationship has been causing headaches for the show’s editors as they’ve reportedly been left with “reams of unusable footage” of their rows, given that they’re liberally spattered with swear words!

But for boxer Carl Froch, starring on the show has been nothing but good news, especially as he reckons it’s done wonders for his and wife Rachael Cordingley’s sex life. More on that in a moment…

But first, of Brian and Vogue’s arguing during training, The Sun reports, “The couple, who are learning to dance together for the show, regularly turned the air blue during filming.

“They admitted they will have to be careful when the live shows begin next Saturday after bosses warned them not to let any swear words slip out.”

Brian told the paper, “It sounds about right that they struggled for footage for us because of the swearing.

“We’ve got to be careful when we are live…

“Vogue and I haven’t really clashed, but there were days when we had friction — one in Dublin when I was doing the stupid leapfrog.

“I looked like an absolute a***, so I made the producers take it out.

“They kept saying it was going to look great, but it wasn’t going to get better, because I’m only going to get older before the first show.”

He added:, “It would be really awkward if Vogue and I had a fight before a live show and had to keep on dancing together.”

Vogue remarked, “We had a fight the other day and after about an hour of fighting in front of the camera we had to just move on.”

And finally, Brian joked, “If we win, I will give Vogue another year of marriage.”

On now to a report in the Daily Star Sunday that Carl and his wife Rachael are loving taking part in Stepping Out, and he reckons their sex life has received a boost because they’re spending so much time in hotels!

He explained, “It’s giving me and Rachael more time together away from the kids, which is really nice. We are loving it.”

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He added, “Before a fight there is a sex ban but there hasn’t been one imposed for this show, so we are making the most of it.

“On my last fight it was hard, it was a two-week ban – but it felt like a two-month ban.

“I was training so hard and I was away from home. It was the longest ban ever.

“But now it’s great, I feel like we have reconnected, like we have met each other again.

“No sex ban on dancing – just on fighting!”


Other celeb couples taking part in Stepping Out are Denise Welch and her new husband Lincoln Townley, JLS star Oritsé Williams and girlfriend AJ Azari, designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and wife Jackie, and actress Glynis Barber and husband Michael Brandon.

For now, here’s a look at Carl talking about one of his big fights…

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    Davinia McCall again?! Oh my word isn’t there REALLY anyone else who can host this show. One can see too much of someone. It’ll be like watching an old Got To Dance just in a slightly different format. There must be someone else.

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