Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Lisa Riley has dropped 4 dress sizes and is looking for love!

by Anna Howell

Strictly Come Dancing favourite, Lisa Riley, has revealed that she has previously enjoyed a Sex And The City lifestyle before her days as Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle, the Daily Mail reports.

According to an interview with the star in the publication, Lisa embraced her single lifestyle and enjoyed living her life the SATC way, in which she claims she was like “Carrie and Samantha rolled into one, Or I thought I was.”

“It’s all a fairytale, isn’t it?’ she says. ‘I mean, it’s a brilliant TV programme and all that, but the reality of living it – it’s not good. I did all the one-night stands stuff, but I don’t want it any more. I’m too old for it now.”

So, what is it she is looking for in life now? Love, apparently, and after dropping four dress sizes since taking part in the hugely popular BBC dancing reality show, as well as capturing the heart of the nation, we don’t think it will be too long before she finds it.

With regards to her new dancing career, Lisa admitted:

“I didn’t know I’d be able to dance, but I knew I could move. I’ve always been bendy. And if I’ve challenged perceptions that fat girls can’t be fit – good. It’s about time someone did.”

But she won’t be jumping on board the fitness DVD bandwagon anytime soon!

“Will I hell! Why would I want to do that? What do I know about aerobics DVDs? I’m an actress. Who am I to preach at women about what shape they should be?”

Lisa hasn’t been very lucky in love, with one boyfriend being sent to jail for defrauding residents at the care home where he worked, and another, who was a stagehand, who left his wife and children for her, before going back to his family two weeks later, Lisa is still to find that special someone.

“I’ve been properly in love three times, but it hasn’t worked out,’ she sighs. ‘Am I still looking for a man? Yes. I’m desperate!’
So what’s gone wrong? ‘Have you got all day?’ she joked.

“Blokes don’t like it when you’re independent. They have this great British provider thing, and I’m not someone who needs to be provided for. I say, “I can pay for my own supper, thank you very much.”

“I’ve got to realise you can’t have it all. If one thing has to give, it has to be men, I suppose. It’s not fair of me to expect a relationship to be on my terms, which I do because of my work. I’ll say, “You’ll have to come to London next weekend,” or, “I’m in Oldham that week”. Men can’t handle that.”

“I was always popular with boys at school. The fact I was fat didn’t put them off because I had confidence. I was the one girls wanted to be and boys wanted to be with.’ But having a laugh and getting married are different things. She seems frustrated that none of her liaisons led to more. ‘I’m thinking christenings and weddings are good places to meet men, but it still hasn’t happened. Maybe it never will.”

But she won’t give up looking and hopes that one day she can have a husband and family, though she doesn’t think she will be very good at it.

“I have friends with, on paper, the perfect life,” she explained.

“The husband, kids. But some of them feel imprisoned.”

“My worry is I’d be the sort of mum who leaves her kids in Asda’

Watch Lisa’s Strictly Come Dancing Wembley performance in the clip below:

Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight at 6.40pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD.