Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity, Celebrity Big Brother fees revealed! Cash cow!

Strictly, I’m a Big Celebrity Cash Cow

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of chatter around the amount of money Channel 4 has paid to poach the Bake Off from the BBC. This coincided with news that the BBC have had to reveal the salaries of their onscreen talent earning more than £450,000 p/a. This has inspired leading credit broker, Cash Lady, to look into how much the networks spend on our favourite television shows.

With many Bake Off viewers vowing to switch off, as well as Mel, Sue and Mary Berry promising to stay loyal to the BBC, it is beginning to look like Channel 4 has spent £75million on just a tent. But a final twist saw some good news for Channel 4 when Paul Hollywood announced he would be staying.

Many are unhappy about the move, but the BBC declared that they could not match the offer made by the wealthier channel. With this in mind looked into how much the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 spend on their biggest shows – Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother.
I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here.

ITV are very cagey about how much it costs them to get celebrities into the Jungle. However, not only do the celebrities get paid exorbitant amounts to appear on the show, ITV also makes a donation to a charity of the contestant’s choice.

Last year’s contestants were paid anywhere between £70,000 and £300,000 and this year there are rumours circulating that Carol Vorderman is set to become the highest paid ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’ camper with an undisclosed “six-figure deal”.

Spencer Matthews, of Made in Chelsea fame, was 2015’s highest paid celeb with a rumoured fee of more than £300,000 however after his 3 day stint the reality TV star is rumoured to have walked out of the camp with nothing.

As for his other camp mates, rumoured earnings for their turns in the jungle were:
• Susannah Constantine – £200,000
• Chris Eubank – £200,000
• Kieron Dyer – £200,000
• Lady Colin Campbell – £70,000

The total bill for this ITV production is unknown, but with contestant fees, charity donations, plane tickets, two celebrity hosts and production costs it’s not surprising Aunt Bessie were charged a staggering £6,000,000 for a three year sponsorship deal.

celebrity big brother 2016 new eye logo

Celebrity Big Brother

Channel 5 seem to be a little more reserved with their spending than their ITV counterpart. Rumoured fees for this year’s contestants ranged between £12,000, which was offered to reality TV star Stephen Bear, and £150,000, which went to controversial contestant Christopher Biggins. Although as with Spencer Matthews, it is not known how much of his 6 figure salary Biggins left with after he was kicked out of the show for inflammatory comments.

Other house mate’s fees were:
• Lewis Bloor – £50,000
• Heavy D – £15,000
• Samantha Fox – £110,000

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Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing pays their celebrity stars in a slightly different way and unlike their competitors, the BBC fully discloses their pay structure for this programme. All stars are offered the same fee: £25,000. This is then increased to £40,000 for the stars who make it to the start of November. The stars who make it to the quarter final get paid £75,000 for their time on ‘Strictly’, and the winner walks away with the Glitter Ball trophy and £100,000.
As with ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Strictly comes with their own celeb presenters and a rumoured total bill of over £800,000.

Avner Brodsky, co-founder of Cash Lady commented on their findings: “It’s surprising to see the figures the networks spend bringing our favourite shows to air. It’s something that we, as consumers, don’t really think about when we plonk down on our sofa on an evening.”

He continued, “Some of the salaries the celebrities take home are staggering, it’s no surprise they grab so many tabloid column inches. With the continued race for ratings amongst our biggest networks and rumours that the licence fee subsidised BBC may be in trouble, I can’t help but think the fees these celebrities take home is only going to increase.”


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