Strictly Come Dancing results: Will Young was in a furious rage just before he quit

Will Young reportedly had a massive tantrum backstage on Strictly Come Dancing last week, just hours before he quit the BBC show.

The Leave Right Now hitmaker was a front runner and seemed likely to make it to the final at least, if not win. But it all went wrong when he had a bit of a run in with Len Goodman over his salsa.

On air, Len told the singer to ‘shut up’ as he critiqued his most recent performance with partner Karen Hardy. Insiders say Will stormed off to his dressing room, where he ranted at waiting team members, saying ‘I don’t need this s**t!’.

Will Young

A source told The Sun that Will wasn’t putting in as much rehearsal time as he should have and was worried that he would fall behind or lose popularity as a result. He also didn’t like Len being so critical of his and Karen’s showcases and flipped in the end.

‘He didn’t commit as much as Karen would have liked, and became very anxious about how popular he was. And his clash with Len seemed to be the final straw for him,’ they said.

‘Afterwards, he was overheard telling a production member: “I just don’t need this s**t”.’

However, Will has insisted that there was no drama behind his exit. He told Chris Evans on BBC Radio Two that most of the press reports have been false, that he isn’t having a breakdown or struggling with anxiety issues.

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