Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & Cara Delevingne in sweetest performance! (VIDEO)

Cara Delevingne Taylor Swift

Cara Delevingne Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her impromptu collaborations with other stars and she’s been at it again this week!

The US singer is in London for a series of shows in the O2 Arena and already this week she’s invited The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue on stage, as well as budding songwriter Sam Smith.

Last night the star shared a video of herself singing in a more formal setting and she joined Ed Sheeran and Cara Delevingne in song, during a visit to the US Ambassador’s residence.

The trio belted out a performance of Heartbeats by The Knife and Ed provided the musical backing with his guitar.

Swifty captioned the video saying:

“Me, Ed, Cara. Singing songs in the US ambassador’s house. What is life.”

danny o'donoghue taylor swift

We already knew of course about Ed and Taylor’s musical talents, however we don’t often get to hear Cara croon in public.

It was reported last year that the model had teamed up with BFF Rita Ora and was working on her first album.

“Cara’s singing voice is a lot better than anyone will expect,” a source told The Sun. “She started sessions in LA this month and has already played Rita a few of the songs she’s come up with.

“She has a first single ready to go that she is considering releasing online soon. Cara is lucky that in her friendship group, she has loads of mates in the music industry.

Harry Styles Cara Delevingne

“Rita has promised to head into the studio with her so they can record together. They want to create a fun pop track together.”

Taylor looked pretty dressed up for her visit last night, showing off her slim figure in a pretty black dress, while her hair was perfectly waved.

Ed and Cara went for a definitely more casual style and we’re not sure that Ms D was even wearing makeup for the outing.

Watch the video here:

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