Teenagers gone mad: Justin Bieber, One Direction killed from cancer and hit & runs in weird Fan Fiction – WTF!

by Nick Barnes

simon cowell, one direction

Directioners and Belibers are the two craziest fan groups we have ever come across and it goes up a notch or five when you read some of the fan fiction from their devoted fans!

You could probably imagine what some of the fan fiction is like (ahem) but we’re talking about Directioners killing off the lads of One Direction from cancer and other spine-tingling health problems. Not only that, Bieber has been killed off from hit and run before now.

“Niall Horan has Cancer. The diagnosis was unexpected; heartcrushing, to be exact. And not only was the cancer killing the blond member of One Direction, but it was changing him for the worse…” reads the description of one Fan Fiction from 13-year-old HamiltonBlu.

It’s enough to make your hair stand on end that an innocent 13-year-old is writing things like that. One would question that if these teenagers are indeed devoted fans – why are they killing their favourite artists off?

Kimberley O’Brien, adolescent psychologist at Sydney’s Quirky Kid Clinic (some of these fans are ‘Quirky’ alright…) says: “It’s a good outlet for their angst. At an age when emotions are hormones are fluctuating so much, it’s nice they can cry openly. It’s much better than being isolated and not expressing yourself”.

Hmm… The lads of one direction must sleep with one eye open and check their hotel rooms are locked five times before drifting off to sleep.

justin bieber

Other fiction includes Harry Styles losing his trademark curls to Chemotherapy, Justin Bieber being taken out by a drunk driver, bands contracting Alzheimer’s and another disturbing one is the One Direction lads perishing in the gas chambers at Auschwitz concentration camp.

One sixteen year old fan Izzy Semararo is that much of a (loonatic) fan, she once sneaked backstage into Brisbane Convention Centre in a bid to meet Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis. Although, her fan fiction sees Liam committing suicide after his boyfriend Niall (seriously!) is murdered. Harry and Louie both meet violent deaths on a roll-coaster ride.

Now, Miss O’Brien, I do believe this is off the ruddy scale compared to your explanation of ‘crying openly’ and ‘expressing yourself’. It’s enough to give any sane person nightmares.

We have to admit, we have read Fan Fiction in the past and well… then there’s this!

Have you read any of this type of Fan Fiction in the past? Why do you think fans like to kill off their supposed favourite artists? Let us know in the comments below!

Nick Barnes

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