The Apprentice 2013: Tim Stillwell “Lord Sugar made a mistake firing me so early”

Tim Stillwell the apprentice

The latest Apprentice casualty, Tim Stillwell has hit back at Lord Sugar following last night’s firing, claiming he made a “mistake” getting rid of him so early.

Last night’s episode saw the teams create, market and sell their own beer product, in which Tim was put in charge team Evolve – the girls’ team. However, the girls’ brash attitudes seemed a tad too much for poor Tim, he seemed a little lost and let the ladies virtually rip each other’s eyes out.

His team only managed to earn profits of £399.02 whilst Endeavour earned a massive £831.56. However, Tim’s team did waste 90 litres of the frothy stuff when they couldn’t get their measurements right, plus they tried selling their product at a glorified pub.

Apprentice S9 - Ep 2 - Luisa, Tim and Sophie arrive at Kent beer Festival - Embargoed 00.01 8th May

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Tim said that Lord Sugar definitely made a mistake getting rid of him. He said: “I definitely think Lord Sugar made a mistake firing me so early. I do really believe I didn’t give him a lot of choice though.

“That was very apparent in the boardroom, he said to me ‘You have left me no choice’”.

However, it seems Tim also has a bit of an ego going on, admitting he didn’t think lord Sugar really wanted to get rid of him: “I genuinely don’t think he wanted to get rid of me. In real life he did say to me ‘Tim, you made some very bold claims on your application form for such a young guy.’

Apprentice S9 Ep 2 - The final three - Embargoed 22.01 8th May

“But then he realised I didn’t have all the massive claims in the form and he said ‘Actually, this is quite a credible application form, but you just brought in the wrong two people.’ So I think he had no option to let me go but I don’t think it was the right decision for longevity. I think I would have grown as the process went on.”

Just remember Tim, actions speak louder than words and it appears your actions didn’t match the grovelling you did on the application form.

Apprentice Ep 2 - Evolve struggle with their recipe - Embargoed 00.01 8th May

He added that he isn’t used to managing people so he expected to get the chop in week 2. However, he said that his drinks company will still be launching, so watch out for it – or don’t if you couldn’t give two hoots.

Take a look at a clip from last night’s show, below:

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