The Big Reunion: 5ive band members reveal their violent fights and issue an apology to Simon Cowell! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Rowlands


ITV2 show The Big Reunion debuts on Thursday 31 January at 9pm, and will of course see six formerly hugely popular pop bands reforming for, as the title kinda gives away, a Big Reunion…

However, boy band 5ive have become 4our, given that J Brown declined to take part in the show or the reunion. And during revelations made in an interview with TV Biz about what ended 5ive in the first place, it’s little wonder that he did!

The remaining band members, Ritchie Neville, Abz Love, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon have revealed that fighting among the band members reached a violent impasse, after which they decided to split up…

Scott began by saying, “We had some dark times when we really hated each other.

“We fought a lot and Sean even threw me down the stairs once. An argument got out of control and he shoved me. I ended up with a busted lip.

“We went on some pretty wild benders but the fights weren’t all booze-fuelled. We were exhausted and had had enough of each other.

“Another time me, Abz and Ritchie left Sean and J in Taiwan.

“We had a fight — which involved baseball bats — and we stole our passports from our manager’s room and left.

“By the time they woke up, we were back in the UK.”


Sean then added, “I would like to apologise to Simon for some of our behaviour. We were rebellious and if we didn’t like what we were being told, we made a fuss.

“He and I had a big fall-out after I ignored him at an interview and I crossed the line.”

Abz remarked, “We were disrespectful to quite a few people. Once, Christina Aguilera didn’t get in a lift with us and we were like, ‘F**k off!’, and spitting at the door.”

And Scott revealed, “Simon Cowell once asked me to park his Aston Martin in London and I took it for a joyride — I nearly took off in it over Putney Bridge.
“We thought back then we could do whatever we wanted.”

The paper adds, “After their split the band drifted apart and had not been in the same room together for 11 years.”

Scott added, “In the band, things got twisted and our personal relationships got mashed and turned toxic.”

And Ritchie said, “Simon begged us not to quit — but we had no choice.

“We haven’t heard from him yet, but I’m sure we will.”

Sean concluded the interview by saying, “It hasn’t been all sweetness and light and we have had rows — things have got heated.

“But we’re adults now and we are being much more open.”

As mentioned, The Big Reunion launches on Thursday 31 January at 9pm on ITV2, but for now, here’s a look at what ITV say of the show, followed by a promo clip…


Ten years after they ruled pop, for one night only, six chart-topping groups will be reunited in an unmissable TV event.

The Big Reunion will follow their every step, as their worlds are turned upside down after years away from the spotlight. During the series, viewers will see the groups reunited for the first time since they split. For some it’s the chance to relive their dream, for others it may open old wounds as they prepare to face demons they thought they had buried forever.

Each band will have just two weeks of intense rehearsals before they step back onto the stage to perform once again in front of thousands of fans.

Atomic Kitten (Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon, Kerry Katona)

5IVE (Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abz Love, Sean Conlon)

B*Witched (Edele Lynch, Keavy Lynch, Sinead O’ Carroll, Lindsay Armaou)

Liberty X (Jessica Taylor, Michelle Heaton, KevinSimm, Kelli Young, Tony Lundon)

911 (Lee Brennan, Simon ‘Spike’ Dawbarn, Jimmy Constable)

Honeyz (Celena Cherry, Mariama Goodman, Heavenli Roberts)

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.