The Big Reunion: Blue’s Duncan James says 5ive used to brawl then play a gig

blue hurt lovers

Duncan James has been spilling the beans on his pals from boyband 5ive and admitted that things were not always easy between the group offstage.

The Blue singer has touched base with the 5ive guys for ITV2’s ‘The Big Reunion’ and revealed that when they were all at the height of their fame, the band used to brawl and fight with one another before performing together at gigs around the country.

The ‘All Rise’ hitmaker told Now! magazine that J Brown (who has now left the group), Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Abz Love and Sean Conlon would argue and brawl before playing for their fans, then act like nothing had happened on stage.

He said:

“We watched back the videos of 5ive and they used to throw each other down the stairs and kick the s**t out of each other. Then they’d get on stage and do a gig.”

5ive the big reunion

Duncan admitted that there were tensions in Blue too but insisted that they handled it all very differently. He explained:

“Our battles were more about ourselves and learning who we are as individuals.”

The Big Reunion is drawing to a close and Blue admitted that they will sad when the experience is over. They tweeted fans recently saying:

blue 2013

“We will be #HurtLovers when the #BigReunion comes to an end on @itv2 – it’s been fun. Loved the banter!”

However the lads are making the most of their renewed fame and have premiered a new single. The posted:

“Our new single in the UK – #HurtLovers doing the rounds today, big thanks to @grahnort @malprin @bbcradio2 for the support. RT”

Have a listen to the new tune and let us know what you think in the comments section below….

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