The Big Reunion ITV2: Michelle Heaton says Liberty X aren’t famous for being famous – they are popstars!

by Anna Howell

Liberty X star, Michelle Heaton, believes that the new ITV2 show she and the rest of her Liberty X band mates are taking part in, The Big Reunion, will give people the opportunity to remember why they were famous in the first place, for being popstars!

Liberty X shot to fame with their smash hit Just A Little Bit after coming second to Hearsay in the 2010 Simon Cowell orchestrated reality talent show, Popstars.

The band, like so many around at that time, faded away but now, with the help of new ITV2 reality show The Big Reunion which started last night, they, and other bands such as 5ive, and Atomic Kitten, hope to reinvent themselves, and re-launch their singing careers!

Michelle, who revealed her new breasts after a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with a cancer gene on yesterday’s Daybreak, spoke to the Sun newspaper ahead of the shows launch last night, commenting:

“I think some people are now famous for just being famous or being a reality star.

“When in fact you know we were here because of a damn good reason, from pop groups, and people quite easily forget that and it’s a shame so I think this is really nice for a few individuals.”

Michelle and the rest of Liberty x including Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Kelli Young and Jessica Taylor are joined on the show by Atomic Kitten, The Honeyz, 5ive, 911 and B*Witched as they all prepare to reform for a one-night only gig next month.
The show, already proving to be a hit with viewers, will delve into the reasons why each group split in the first place and how all the members are finding it getting back together.

Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten

On that subject Michelle’s band mate, Kelli explained:

“It’s been really good, we’ve had such a laugh, we’ve had a little bit of rehearsals, a little bit more to go, then the big show so we’re looking forward to it.”

However, Michelle explained that the decision to take part in the show took some time to reach:

“I think we all had different reservations about doing it, but when we actually got back together in the rehearsal room on the first day it was like no time had passed whatsoever.

“And we all enjoy each other’s company, we like hanging out with each other, believe it or not, so it’s been really good, really enjoyable.

“I think we all did have our individual reservations, it’s probably fair to say that Jess and maybe myself, and maybe Tony needed a little bit more convincing.”

Jessica added: “We had the meeting, the initial meeting about it, and then we just left it for ages and ages and nobody was on the phone going ‘please do it, because I really want to do it’.

“It was just like we all just needed a bit of time, and then one day we just went ‘yeah sod it, why not’.”

Michelle went on to describe what sort of treat we are in for with the Big Reunion, which launched last night at 9pm on ITV2: “There will definitely be tears, I don’t know about tantrums, not yet, because we haven’t finished filming so there’s the show to be filmed and the rehearsals up to the show.

“I think that when we get into the Apollo and things start to sink in that we’re actually doing it, maybe then you’ll start to see tantrums flying, not necessarily from us, but I think that’s when you’ll get the grittiness of the show.”

On the subject of the other bands taking part in the show former Celebrity Big Brother star Michelle exclaimed: “Love them! We didn’t know them back in the day, apart from Atomic Kitten, who we crossed paths with on the Smash Hits tour.

“So we’ve only just got to know the [other bands] throughout the filming of the show, and personally speaking as fans of them back in the day it’s a real honour that we’re involved with them on the show and now knowing them they’re all really, really lovely, very talented people.

“And I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised at some individuals, because I think they’ve just forgotten that they used to be popstars.”

The singer then went on to hint about a shocking show twist:

“Not until they brought a nice surprise out that you’ll see later on in the show. Dum, dum, dum…”

The subject then turned to Michelle’s recent surgery, of which she commented:

“I feel great, fine, everything’s pretty much back to normal. These guys have been amazing.

“And just filming the show has given me something to focus on and get me out of bed, so I can’t complain at all, everything is great.”

February 26th will see the band’s first performance on stage in five years, which Jessica revealed that they are all getting nervous about:

“I’m personally quite nervous about it, like I’ve sort of had a few dreams, and I’ve pictured myself back on stage and it’s like ‘oh my god’!

“But it’s going to be amazing, because out of everything we did the smallest part of our work load was actually gigging, and actually being on stage, and that’s what we got into it for, and that’s what we loved the most, I think we can’t wait for that bit really.”

Kevin added: “I struggle with the lyrics all the time. You can say I’m not much of a talker so that’s why it happens to me, sometimes I forget to speak.

“I did struggle a little bit when we were doing the singing rehearsals it was pretty embarrassing to be honest considering I do actually sing for a living, but I suppose when you’ve not sung the songs for so long you do sort of forget of them, but I know them now, they’re locked in.”

While Kelli added the group have also been finding the dance moves tricky this time round, explaining: “We forgot quite a lot of it didn’t we, I thought we’d remember it, because we did do some of those dance routines like hundreds of times.

“And then it came to it, and the choreographer was like, ‘what do you want to keep from the old routines and what do you want to update’ and we were like ‘we’re going to have to update it all because we don’t remember it’.

“So we’ve kept the bones of what we could remember and then kind of updated the rest, so there’s new moves in there.”

The Big Reunion continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD.