The Only Way Is Essex: Sam Faiers, Lauren Goodger and Lydia Rose Bright lose over a stone!

Check out these cracking pictures of newly svelte Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers, Lauren Goodger and Lydia Rose Bright.

The sexy ladies are getting ready for the second series of their successful reality TV show and in an interview with Closer, they reveal how they managed to lose a stone between them.


How she did it: “I’ve kept in shape by circuit training four times a week and my mum cooks me a healthy meal every evening. You used to be able to grab the fat on my tummy, but now it’s really toned. I haven’t lost loads of weight, but my body shape has changed completely. I like my body
now. I’d never go too extreme. I’ve got real boobs and if I got too skinny, they’d disappear.”


How she did it: “I got myself a personal trainer – he comes to my house and I work out with my best friend in my living room. I was 10st 7lbs at my heaviest. I felt OK, but when I looked back at the pictures, I wasn’t happy. When I first saw myself on television I thought, ‘Oh my God, what do you look like?’ I was devastated. It made me realise that I needed to be a lot stricter.”


How she did it: “Like Lauren, I’ve now got a personal trainer, as I can’t force myself to go to the gym. He’s really helped me to tone up. I used to have a double chin, but I don’t any more. I also use vacu power – it’s a machine that helps you to lose cellulite, which has been great for toning my stomach. I’ve dropped a dress size. I used to buy size 10 trousers, but now I wear an eight. I was never really big, but being on TOWIE made me want to shape up a bit more.”

Lisa McGarry

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