The Saturdays: ‘Jennifer Lopez’s bottom is mesmerising’

chasing the saturdays eThe Saturdays have been working hard across the pond in recent months in a bid to crack America but it seems there was something more to be excited about other than a boosted bank balance and extensive travel – Jennifer Lopez’s behind.

The girls, who have had their attempt to break into the US music industry documented as part of an E! reality show, had the opportunity to meet a number of celebrities while abroad but were left dumbstruck when they spotted J-Lo.

Earlier this month they rubbed shoulders with a number of glamorous Hollywood stars before playing at an NBC Golden Globes afterparty and on spotting Jennifer, band member Molly King told the Sun: “It was surreal. We saw her coming out of the lift. I missed her face but saw her bottom.

“I asked Una, ‘What was her face like? How much make-up was she wearing?’ Una said, ‘I don’t know, I just couldn’t stop staring at the bottom’.

chasing the saturdays

“We were like dudes checking her out. We were rabbiting away then she came out of the lift and we all went silent. I’ve never heard us so quiet.”

Fellow The Saturdays star Una Healy added: “As she walked away you were completely drawn to her bottom.”

And Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only star who made an impact on The Saturdays – they admit they felt nervous when Nicki Minaj watched their performance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show from the wings.

Una said: “She was dressed all in pink and watching me from the side of the stage — it was making me nervous.”


And despite spending months in California performing for A-List stars and music industry bigwigs, the girls still felt out of place amongst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Frankie said: “We all had our nails done for the Golden Globes in the spa at the hotel and went back upstairs wearing paper flip-flops they gave us and our tracksuits.

“We were walking past these stars in ballgowns and I was like, ‘What are we doing here? We’re imposters!'”

Lisa McGarry

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