The Voice US: Glee star Matthew Morrison says he would never join Adam Levine on show!

by Anna Howell

matthew morrison

Glee superstar, Matthew Morrison, has revealed that he would never follow his professional partner, Adam Levine’s footsteps and join The Voice as a judge.

According to the star, who plays Glee coach Will Schuester in the hit US teen musical drama, has ruled out any reality appearance, despite Maroon 5 frontman Levine being a judge on the hit US reality talent show since 2011, claiming that judging people is “not [his] role in this world”, Digital Spy reports.

In a recent interview with the entertainment site, when asked if he would ever consider the move, Morrison replied:
“No. It’s not that I’m not a fan [of these shows], I think they serve a purpose.

“I get judged as an actor and a singer every time I show my face on TV, I know how that feels. I don’t want to judge anyone. That’s not [my] role in this world.

“It’s a personal thing of mine, but I am not knocking it at all. It’s just not for me.”


Discussing his second album, Where It All Began, which he has produced with Levine, Morrison commented on them working together: “I always say, ‘What’s up boss?’ but it’s very equal.

“I don’t get paid by him, he just puts his own money into making this album and into promoting this album… I always wanted to make this album and he said he wanted to make it for me, so he did.

“This is a passion thing. I’m not going to dime from this probably, unless it suddenly is on every commercial or something.”

On the subject of the next series of Glee, Morrison went on to reveal that he does NOT want Kurt and Blaine to get married!

Watch a clip of Morrison in action below: