This Is Liverpool ISN’T axed or scripted & Chelsey Harwood tells Liverpudlians to ‘lighten up’

by Nick Barnes
Chelsey Harwood This Is Liverpool

Chelsey Harwood This Is Liverpool

The last couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind when it comes to new show This Is Liverpool and one cast member in particular, Chelsey Harwood.

Residents of Liverpool have been said to be up in arms after a teaser video was unveiled online this week, which saw stars of the show fighting, screaming, romping and embroiled in everything that Liverpool isn’t about, according to some viewers of the trailer. However, star of the show Chelsey Harwood has told the Liverpudlian grumps to lighten up a little bit.

Taking to her Twitter account this week, Harwood tweeted: “Hahaha asiff ppl r fumin coz ppl r sayin im the queen of liverpool its funny lighten up u cranks god why so serious? (sic)”.

The first trailer that was unveiled has notched up over 500,000 views in just a few days and it seems that the consensus is that the show reflects “old stereotypes about Liverpool”.

However, the source has denied the fact that the show is playing up to old stereotypes as nothing about the show is scripted.

Unlike the likes of The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore which are said to be slightly scripted, This is Liverpool is “something real” according to the source.

The company behind the show, Phenomenal TV, was originally set up and backed to create a reality TV show depicting the real lives of Scousers, but it has of course been met with quite a bit of anger.

this is liverpool

There was talk of the series seeing axed before it had even aired, however it appears that while the show may not go out on E4, it will reach our TV screens very soon. We’ve heard that there’s even a bidding war between various different high profile channels in the UK to broadcast the show.

Chelsey herself told followers:

“Half a million views on an 80 second trailer and you think we arent getting commissioned shhh ”

A source told the Liverpool Echo that it has gone nuts since the teaser was released a couple of days back and absolutely nobody knew how big it would be. “We had Alex [Gerrard], Coleen [Rooney], all the wags tweeting it. They were all saying they liked it because it was real,” the source added.

They continued: “This isn’t Desperate Scousewives. It isn’t scripted. It’s something real, something Liverpool”.

The cast members aren’t actually being referred to as ‘cast’ as they are “real people, living their lives”.

In 10 days time the pilot episode will be released exclusively online, which is set to be met with a load more publicity. Now it’s just a case of seeing if any major TV channel will pick the show up.

“Anything Essex can do, Liverpool can better,” the source added.

What are your thoughts on This Is Liverpool? Will you be giving it a go or will you be boycotting it like a lot of other Liverpool residents?

Have a watch of Chelsey’s message to Scousers and leave your comments below….

Post by Chelsey Louise Harwood.

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  1. Dylan Evans-Fairburn on March 9, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Show makes me feel sick. Whatever you do, don’t watch this disasterpiece.

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