Tom Daley’s Splash! on the brink of being axed due to sinking ratings!

by Nick Barnes


I think we all sort of saw this coming as Splash! hasn’t been performing well in the ratings for some time now, but it looks like ITV is set to axe the show due to its ratings flop.

Splash! launched in January 2013 on the back of the hype from the summer Olympics and it started off quite well with just over 5 million viewers tuning in, but the show quickly started flopping, much like its contestants did in the water.

Despite the series being absolutely slated by critics, ITV decided to put its money where its mouth is and bring the show back for a second run, but it looks like it was a waste of time as last Saturday, the show hit a brand new low of 3.6 million.

Word on the street is that if the show sinks to below 3 million viewers, then Splash! will definitely not be returning for another run next year.

The ratings are already bad enough as it is as 3.6 million viewers on primetime TV on a Saturday evening is disastrous, but hitting below 3 million will be really bad news for ITV.

Even if the show is brought back for a third run next year, it’s likely to be the last as Tom Daley will be presumably focusing all his efforts on the 2016 Olympic Games the following year.


A Source told the Daily Star: “Worryingly, the ratings are in free-fall and if they don’t pick up, there’s no way the show will be recomissioned.

“A lot of money has been spent on improving it for the second series but despite it looking visually better and more professional, that hasn’t shown in the ratings unfortunately. If ratings drop below 3 million before the end then it will be in trouble.

“The general feeling is the novelty factor of having Tom on the show has worn off and there’s not enough diving to keep a lot of viewers hooked”.

I think the main problem is the show is so dry on a Saturday night. Indeed, the format could work with some serious tweaking, but virtually none of the celebrities can dive. The vast majority of the celebrities that take part on the show either belly flop into the pool or they just slide themselves in.

The source added: “Tom is unlikely to be able to commit to series in 2016 due to the Olympic Games. The talks will be on whether to go for one more series or to just drop the show before it really flops”.

A Spokesman for ITV added that “no decisions will be made until the end of the current series”.

Do you think Splash! is a flop or do you think ITV could possibly squeeze one more series out of it?

Nick Barnes

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