TOWIE: Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins nearly come to blows!

by Anna Howell

As we reported earlier this week, recently reunited friends Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris have once again parted company in The Only Way Is Essex.

Feelings between Gemma and Bobby have been fraught recently due to Bobby’s announcement that he planned on having a baby with a surrogate, a gay-by if you will, of which Gemma was less than supportive as she pointed out his financial situation did not make the plan plausible.

Bobby took great offence to Gemma’s supposed lack of support and the two bickered between themselves for most of the current series until last Sunday when a truce was called between them and they almost seemed to be singing from the hymn sheet for once.

However, during last night’s insight into the Essex gang’s lives, Gemma and Bobby took their disagreement to a whole new level where it almost looked like they might come to blows!

The situation arose after Gemma, who used to go out with co-star James Argent, could be seen cosying up to her ex, sparking many rumours that a reconciliation was on the cards.

The pair were seen in bed together scoffing pizza and showering each other with compliments during which Arg commented:

“We’ll have this pizza and then I’ll make my move, you don’t want me to stay do you?”

The whole gang then gathered later in the episode for a comedy night where Arg had to been removed from the stage after bursting into fits of hysterical laughter at his own joke which was followed by Bobby and humiliating him with a limerick about his weight.

Given the current situation between Gemma and Arg, the larger-than-life busty blonde did not take kindly to Bobby’s comments and displayed this by not clapping along with everyone when he left the stage.

An unimpressed Bobby then confronted Gemma which sparked a huge row during which Gemma was heard to ask Bobby to stop being so aggressive to which he replied:

“If I looked at a thesaurus and looked up the word aggressive, it would be a picture of Gemma Collins.”

This led Gemma to accuse Bobby and Charlie of not being genuine which resulted in Bobby declaring that he wanted nothing more to do with Gemma or her ‘fat club’.

The scene ended with Gemma calling Bobby an embarrassment, to which he replied loudly:

“I’ll rip that cheap wig off your head… Alright Vanessa Feltz, I’ll leave it there. You’re a f***ing tramp.”


The Only Way Is Essex can be seen on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 10 PM on ITV 2/ITV2 HD.

Watch an interview with Bobby Norris in the clip below: