TOWIE Christmas Special: Lydia Bright quits show because of James Argent! Boo Hiss!

by Anna Howell

Last night saw the festive TOWIE special, The Only Way Is Essexmas, and what a special it was!

We were all slightly apprehensive about last night’s show given the train crash that was their first attempt at a live Christmas special earlier this month, but luckily, armed with their scripts once again, the TOWIE gang were back on form.

The show started with a guest appearance from mark Wright who had been asked back for this one off special to bring up Arg’s spirits, not to mention the viewing figures, and no one was more surprised to see him than his ex-girlfriend, Sam Faiers.

Mark turned up at her door step to ask her to gather the troops for a party he was throwing for Arg to celebrate his birthday. Sam’s boyfriend, Joey Essex, was not home at the time and so we all worried that this latest development may send their already rocky relationship into utter turmoil, but, thankfully, Sam told Billie that Joey was fine about their meeting and the two of them turned up at the party as requested.

They did, however, manage to fall out over Joey’s family.

Chloe and Frankie had organised a Christmas break at a country house where they planned to cook a meal for their friends in a build-up to the festive season. Sam, still narked about Chloe’s comment that she didn’t deserve for Joey to propose to her during the live episode, had a quiet word with both Chloe and Frankie before the fun got underway. The air seemed to have been cleared until Joey and Sam engaged in a heated row at the dinner table causing Joey to storm off.

They soon made it up, but both Chloe and Frankie kept their distance from the pair for the rest of the trip claiming they felt uncomfortable by the way in which Joey was being treated.

Elsewhere and Jazmine tried to make amends with Charlie King, but he was having none of it, and a kiss under the mistletoe from Danni made his reasons why pretty clear, looks like love may be back on the agenda for these two, especially as Danni said she was up for some fun in the New Year.

Lucy and Mario had a heated row at the top of the London Eye about Mario’s career, but soon made it up when they realised that neither of them could storm off and it was a long way down, and what started as a near-break up resulted in them deciding to buy a house together – go figure!

Speaking of house purchases, Lydia Bright enlisted the help of her mum and gal pals to help her move into her new pad, but later on at a party held by Lil Chris for those who couldn’t stand to be near Mark Wright or James Argent at the other party, she revealed to a tearful Lucy that she hates Arg so much she has to stop being involved in the show until he gets over her once and for all.

Tearfully Lydia said: “I’ve still got an ex-boyfriend like Arg and every time I go to events he makes my life a misery.

“I just find it so hard all the time. I need to get away from this so he can get over me and I can move on with my life.

“I just don’t think I can go on with Arg there. I hate the boy so much and I just need to get away.

“And in time I can come back and spend time with my friends again.”

However, despite her statement seemingly quite open-ended, Lydia then took to social networking site, twitter, to make it seem like she was pretty much never coming back, tweeting: ‘End of an era, thank you everyone for supporting me on TOWIE’.

Meanwhile, and for once totally unrelated to Lydia, Arg was in tears himself as he begged real love of his life, Mark not to leave him again, saying:

“It’s been like old times. I’ve had so many ups and downs and everything with Lydia.

“Over the last week it just reminds me of the old times. You and me riding the horses.

“I just feel like this is it now and it’s never gonna be the same again.”

To which Mark replied: “This will never die, we’re best friends for life. You’re my best friend and that will never change.”

However, Mark did insist several times that he wouldn’t leave Arg again, so does this mean we may be seeing him again? We flipping hope so!

Watch a clip from the TOWIE cast’s last attempt at a Christmas special in the clip below: