TOWIE: Could James Arent and Gemma Collins be getting back together?

by Anna Howell

Whilst most of the cast of The Only Way Is Essex are in the middle of dramatic whirlwinds, it seems that last year’s Drama Queen and King, Gemma Collins and James Argent are quietly enjoying one another’s company once again.

Fans of the hit ITV2 reality show will know how, after months of trying to convince him that they were destined to be together, James Argent finally gave in and allowed Gemma Collins to officially be referred to as his girlfriend (when he was absolutely sure that he could do no better first we hasten to add).

From that moment the relationship seemed doomed as episode after episode Arg constantly put Gemma down and made her feel bad about herself, which resulted in a bitter split between them in the end.

Now, after months of being apart the spiteful remarks seem to have ceased and pictures in today’s Mirror newspaper have actually showed Gem and Arg FLIRTING with one another again.

The pictures, which were taken on Mother’s Day, show the pair at a pub together enjoying each other’s company, with Gemma even pausing her giggles to stroke Arg’s, who claims he is dating a model, shoulder and face suggestively.

This certainly won’t surprise any of their cast mates who still bang on at every opportunity about how much chemistry there is between the pair, even going on about it in front of Arg’s date, Jasmine!

Surely we aren’t the only ones who think that this is a recipe for disaster, especially if rumours are to be believed that Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh are about to quit meaning that we are just having one disastrous relationship replaced with another!

What do you think? Should Arg and Gemma reunite, or are they better off staying as friends? Leave us your thoughts and comments below:

The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD, watch a clip from the couples doomed relationship in the clip below: