TOWIE: Dan Osborne confirms baby news and admits “no more Lucy”!

by Anna Howell


As we reported last week, The Only Way Is Essex star, Dan Osborne has found out that he is to be a dad for the first time, and unfortunately it isn’t with his new girlfriend, Lucy Mecklenburgh.

We had all hoped the news that Dan’s ex had discovered that she was pregnant after they had broken up would not affect the blossoming relationship between Lucy and Dan, but it would seem that we are set for disappointment.

During last night’s episode, Dan paid his father Jim a visit to tell him the news that his ex was expecting his baby, complete with scan picture to show him, prompting the proud father and father to be to share a very touching and emotional scene together.

The conversation began with Jim asking Dan about his love life, to which his son replied that it was “complicated”, adding:

“Since being home from Marbella and I’ve spoken to my ex but I don’t even know how to say it. I’m going to be a dad, you’re going to be granddad Jim.”

dan-1 dan-3


To which Jim replied: “Really? Wow see what you mean by complicated,” before asking his son if he was alright, to which Dan replied: “Yeh really happy it’s been hard not to tell you. Glad I can tell you today on Father’s day.”

The subject then turned to the future of Dan and his ex, during which Dan admitted that they both needed to “grow up” and “work at it”.


Dan then showed the baby scan picture whilst gushing “I can’t stop smiling.”

While the pair embraced Dan had tears in his eyes, before he began crying.’

Jim reassured his son, saying: “You’ll be great”

Dan explained to his father how he had “always wanted to be a young dad”, adding: “Like you were a young dad and we played football, we went to the gym together, all that.”

The subject then turned to Lucy Mecklenburgh, to which Dan commented:

“When I found out it was mad, it was such a big shock. I feel bad on Lucy, I had no idea.”

Prompting Jim to ask: “So no more Lucy?”

Which was met with a nod of the head from Dan…..


Elsewhere and Mario Falcone pulled Ricky Rayment to one side to hint about the rumours that it was him who had told Lucy that Mario had cheated on her, telling him cryptically:

“Silly people shouldn’t be saying things because I’ve got s*** on them, do you know what I’m talking about?”


Which made Ricky look sheepish to say the least!

Finally Sam decided to draw a line under her failed relationship with Joey Essex and enlisted the help of her friends to recover her spare keys back from him.


However, whilst trying to be amicable about the situation Sam’s sister Billie, and Joey’s cousin Chloe ended up in a rather heated row about what each family had said about the other.

The Only Way Is Essex continues on Wednesday night at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD, watch a clip from last nights show below: